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«Corresponding members/Mitarbeiterkreis: G. Bagijev, Universität Oek.&Fin. St. Petersburg M. Maly, Wirtschaftsuniversität Prag C. Baitsch, TU ...»

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Journal for East European Management Studies (JEEMS)

Editor-in Chief/Herausgeber: R. Lang, TU Chemnitz-Zwickau

Editorial Board/Herausgeberrat: E. Dittrich, Universität Magdeburg

M. Dobák, Budapest University of


U. Gehmann, Frankfurt

V. Heyse, DIC Berlin

G. Hollinshead, Bristol Business School

S.A. Sackmann, UdB München

D. Wagner, Universität Potsdam

Coordinator/Koordinator: T. Steger, TU Chemnitz-Zwickau

Corresponding members/Mitarbeiterkreis:

G. Bagijev, Universität Oek.&Fin. St. Petersburg M. Maly, Wirtschaftsuniversität Prag C. Baitsch, TU Chemnitz-Zwickau M. Mathiopoulos, NordLB Hannover M. Becker, Universität Halle-Wittenberg W. Mayrhofer, TU Dresden E. Dülfer, Universität Marburg S. Michailova, Copenhagen Business School S.G. Echevarria, Universidad de Alcala Madrid D. Nesterova, Universität Jekaterinenburg V. Edwards, Buckinghamshire College I. Novy, Wirtschaftsuniversität Prag J. Erpenbeck, Max-Planck-Institut Berlin R. Nurmi, Turku School of Economics F. Ettrich, Päd. HS Erfurt/Mühlhausen P. Pawlowsky, TU Chemnitz-Zwickau M. Gaitanides, UdB Hamburg S. Saizev, Universität Oek.&Fin. St. Petersburg J. Hentze, TU Braunschweig G. Schreyögg, FU Berlin D. Holtbrügge, Universität Dortmund W. Schüler, Universität Magdeburg G. Ionescu, Valachia University Tirgoviste B. Stieler-Lorenz, a&o research Berlin J. Jezak, Universität Lodz C. Stojanov, Universität Saarbrücken N. Kailer, Ruhr-Universität Bochum L. Suchodojeva, Universität Nishnij Novgorod K. Lindert, TU Braunschweig R. Üksvärav, Universität Tallinn F. Luthans, University of Nebraska Lincoln H. Wächter, Universität Trier C. Mako, CSCR Budapest R. Whitley, Manchester Business School


JEEMS, Postfach 964, 09107 Chemnitz Tel.: +49 371 531 4156 / 4159, Fax: +49 371 531 3987, E-mail: t.steger@wirtschaft.tu-chemnitz.de Journal for East European Management Studies (ISSN 0949-6181) The Journal for East European Management Journal (JEEMS) is published four times a year. The subscription rate is DM 78 for one year (including value added tax). Subscription for students is reducedand available for DM 39 (including value added tax). The annual delivery charges are DM 6.

Cancellation is only possible six weeks before the end of each year.

The contributions published in JEEMS are protected by copyright. No part of this publication may be translated into other languages, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, magnetic tape, photocopying, recording or otherwise without permission in writing from the publisher. That includes the use in lectures, radio, TV or other forms.

Copies are only permitted for personal purposes and use and only from single contributions or parts of them.

For any copy produced or used in a private corporation serving private purposes (due to §54(2) UrhG) one is obliged to pay a fee to VG Wort, Abteilung Wissenschaft, Goethestraße 49, 80336 München, where one can ask for details.

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JEEMS • Volume 1 • Number 1 • 1996

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John Erpenbeck Gespensterbeschwörung? 96 Editorial Mission of JEEMS Objectives The Journal for East European Management Studies (JEEMS) is designed to promote a dialogue between East and West over issues emerging from management practice, theory and related research in the transforming societies of Central and Eastern.

It is devoted to the promotion of an exchange of ideas between the academic community and management. This will contribute by this way towards the development of management knowledge in Central and East European countries as well as a more sophisticated understanding of new and unique trends, tendencies and problems within these countries. Management issues will be defined in their broadest sense, to include consideration of the steering of the political-economic process, as well as the management of all types of enterprise, including profit-making and non profit-making organizations.

The potential readership comprises academics and practitioners in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North America, who are involved or interested in the management of change in Central and Eastern Europe.

Editorial Policy JEEMS is a refereed journal which aims to promote the development, advancement and dissemination of knowledge about management issues in Central and East European countries. Articles are invited in the areas of Strategic Management and Business Policy, the Management of Change (to include cultural change and restructuring), Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations and related fields. All forms of indigenous enterprise within Central and Eastern European will be covered, as well as Western Corporations which are active in this region, through, for example, joint ventures. Reports on the results of empirical research, or theoretical contributions into recent developments in these areas will be welcome.

JEEMS will publish articles and papers for discussion on actual research questions, as well as book reviews, reports on conferences and institutional developments with respect to management questions in East Germany and Eastern Europe. In order to promote a real dialogue, papers from East European contributors will be especially welcomed, and all contributions are subject to review by a team of Eastern and Western academics.

JEEMS will aim, independently, to enhance management knowledge. It is anticipated that the dissemination of the journal to Central and Eastern Europe will be aided through sponsoring.

Editorial Starting a new journal is a challenging task especially if it is devoted to a real exchange of ideas between East and West. The Journal for East European Management Studies (JEEMS) will contribute towards the development of management knowledge in Central and East European countries as well as to a more sophisticated understanding of new and unique trends, tendencies and problems within these countries.

Here we are! The first issue shows how we would like to develop.

The first article from Dirk Holtbrügge (Dortmund) is about German-Russian joint ventures and gives the result of studies since 1993. It shows, especially, the cultural problems associated with such cooperation. Vincent Edwards (Buckinghamshire) and Peter Lawrence (Loughborough) present a British view on an East German company in its transitional period. Snejina Michailova (Sofia/ Copenhagen) explores the dynamics of the relationships between macro and micro changes in Bulgaria at societal and organizational level with references to the result of a case study in a large Bulgarian enterprises.

The „Forum“ starts with a discussion on research methods. Klaus Lindert (Braunschweig) favours a quantitative, longitudinal studies approach to research on transformation at organizational level, but Jolanta Kulpinska and Krzysztof Konecki (Lódz) support a case studies oriented concept.

In general, short contributions, for example comments on articles, position papers and letters to the editor are welcome here.

„News / Information“ includes short conference reports as well as information about new research and teaching institutions, as well as programmes in and on Central and Eastern Europe. And, finally, John Erpenbeck’s column shows the way in which we should deal with the problems in Eastern Europe: with an opening to a unique process where we could all learn a lot... if we really want to.

Starting a new journal is not an easy thing. A lot of work has had to be done and would have been impossible without the help of colleagues from different places and countries in the East and West. Thanks to them all!

Rainhart Lang Call for papers III. Chemnitz East Forum March 5 - 7, 1997 Technical University Chemnitz-Zwickau The III. Chemnitz East Forum, chaired by Prof. Dr. Rainhart Lang, is dealing with „Managers in the Transformation Process of Eastern Europe“

• Manager careers, old elites/new elites

• Values and management attitudes

• Leadership styles and work relations

• Management development Applications and papers in the field of this subject (max. 2 pages) are welcome.

As far as possible participants from Eastern European countries will get their expenses for travel and accommodation refunded.

For further information please contact: Mr Thomas Steger, Technische Universität Chemnitz-Zwickau, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Reichenhainer Str. 39, D - 09107 Chemnitz, tel. +49-371-5314159, fax +49E-mail t.steger@wirtschaft.tu-chemnitz.de

–  –  –

Unternehmenskulturelle Anpassungprobleme in deutschrussischen Joint Ventures* Dirk Holtbrügge** The evolution of a co-operative corporate culture in German-Russian joint ventures is impeded by various conflicts and communication problems which are mostly explained by different values and attitudes of the involved managers.

Especially the mentality of older Russian managers is formed by the socialist management theory, whose authoritarian, hierarchical and control oriented philosophy stands in direct opposition to modern western management theories.

After exploring the main causes for conflicts and communication problems efficient measures of conflict management discussed and recommendations for the selection and development of German expatriates and Russian managers are given. The paper is based on the analysis of the relevant German and Russian literature and on interviews with joint ventures managers from both countries.

Die Herausbildung einer kooperativen Unternehmenskultur in deutschrussischen Joint Ventures wird durch zahlreiche Konflikte und Kommunikationsprobleme erschwert, die insbesondere auf unterschiedliche Werte und Einstellungen der beteiligten Führungskräfte zurückgeführt werden können. Vor allem die Führungsphilosophie älterer russischer Führungskräfte ist dabei durch die Theorie der sozialistischen Leitungswissenschaften geprägt, die durch die Betonung eines autoritären, hierarchie- und kontrollorientierten Führungsstil in direktem Widerspruch zu modernen westlichen Managementtheorien steht. Im folgenden werden die wichtigsten Konfliktursachen und Kommunikationsprobleme bei der Zusammenarbeit von deutsche und russischen Managern dargestellt, mögliche Formen der Konflikthandhabung diskutiert und einige Empfehlungen für die Auswahl und Weiterbildung von Stammhausdelegierten und russischen Managern abgeleitet. Die Ausführungen basieren auf Erfahrungsberichten in der Literatur sowie auf Interviews mit zahlreichen deutschen und russischen Führungskräften von Joint Ventures.

* Manuscript received: 1.4.95, revised: 3.11.95, accepted: 15.11.95.

** Dirk Holtbrügge, geb. 1964, Dr. rer. pol., Wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Lehrstuhl für

Unternehmensführung der Universität Dortmund, Aktuelle Arbeitsschwerpunkte:

Personalmanagement, Internationales Management, Transformationsprozeß und ausländische Direktinvestitionen in den mittel- und osteuropäischen Staaten.

JEEMS 1/1996 7 Unternehmenskulturelle Anpassungprobleme in deutsch-russischen Joint-Ventures

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