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COLLECTION FOR CYTOLOGIC REVISED DATE: 10/16/02, 09/18/03, 08/19/04, 07/21/05,

ANALYSIS 08/17/06, 08/16/07, 08/21/08


EDITED DATE: 07/15/10, 7/21/11, 07/19/12, 07/18/13,

POLICY NUMBER: 7.01.50 05/22/14, 05/28/15, 03/17/16 CATEGORY: Technology Assessment PAGE: 1 OF: 4

• If a product excludes coverage for a service, it is not covered, and medical policy criteria do not apply.

• If a commercial product, including an Essential Plan product, covers a specific service, medical policy criteria apply to the benefit.

• If a Medicare product covers a specific service, and there is no national or local Medicare coverage decision for the service, medical policy criteria apply to the benefit.


Based upon our criteria and the lack of published peer-reviewed literature, breast duct lavage and collection of epithelial cells via suction have not been medically proven to be effective and are considered investigational in the risk stratification of patients at high risk for breast cancer and in the diagnosis of breast cancer as the influence on patient management and effect on treatment outcomes has not yet been determined.

Refer to Corporate Medical Policy# 11.01.03 regarding Experimental and Investigational Services.


The Federal Employee Health Benefit Program (FEHBP/FEP) requires that procedures, devices or laboratory tests approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may not be considered investigational and thus these procedures, devices or laboratory tests may be assessed only on the basis of their medical necessity.


Evaluation of breast duct epithelial cells is proposed as a technique to assess breast cancer risk and as a diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer. Various techniques for collecting epithelial cells for cytologic analysis have been investigated.

Breast duct lavage, or ductal lavage, is a technique described for use in diagnosing and assessing risk in patients at high risk for developing breast cancer. Breast duct lavage involves identification of the nipple aspirate fluid (NAF) obtained from mammary ducts via nipple aspiration. Using a microcatheter, inserted into the natural nipple opening of the individual mammary ducts, saline is infused and the ductal fluid is withdrawn. The fluid is then analyzed microscopically for cytologic abnormalities. Breast duct lavage is performed using the FirstCyte Breast Test.

The HALO™ Breast Pap Test, by Neomatrix, is a suction system that collects ductal epithelial cells by placing a cup on the breast, warming the breast, and applying suction to bring NAF to the surface. The NAF can then be analyzed for cytologic abnormalities.

Both breast duct lavage and NAF collection may be referred to as a “breast pap smear”.


Ductal lavage: The components of the system used for breast duct lavage, the FirstCyte AspiratorTM, FirstCyte E.Z® MicroCatheter, and MicroDilator have received FDA approval for marketing. There are no prospective data evaluating risk when sampling for cytologic hyperplasia is performed by ductal lavage. The effect of greater prevalence of atypia from ductal lavage on risk estimates is unknown. No studies have used ductal lavage to influence patient management for those whose management was determined by the results of routine surveillance versus surveillance plus epithelial cell cytology analysis. Whether cytologic atypia, or the lack thereof, influences patient management and improves patient outcomes has not been demonstrated in the investigational setting and is unknown.

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Proprietary Information of Excellus Health Plan, Inc.

SUBJECT: BREAST EPITHELIAL CELL EFFECTIVE DATE: 09/19/01 COLLECTION FOR CYTOLOGIC REVISED DATE: 10/16/02, 09/18/03, 08/19/04, 07/21/05, ANALYSIS 08/17/06, 08/16/07, 08/21/08 ARCHIVED DATE: 07/16/09 EDITED DATE: 07/15/10, 7/21/11, 07/19/12, 07/18/13, POLICY NUMBER: 7.01.50 05/22/14, 05/28/15, 03/17/16 CATEGORY: Technology Assessment PAGE: 4 OF: 4 Filassi JR, et al. Can breast nipple fluid collected with automated aspiration and preserved in based-liquid solution improve the cytological samples? Acta Cytol 2013;57(3):276-80.

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Breast duct lavage, Breast Pap smear, Ductal lavage, Halo™ Breast Pap Test.


Based on our review, breast duct lavage and collection of epithelial cells by suction is not addressed in National or Local Medicare coverage determinations or policies.

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