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«AppScript: IMS Health AppScript IMS Health Brian Clancy, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Solutions brian.clancy Wit h more t han ...»

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Articles from PM360

Innovators 2015: Products

Feat ure Art icles by PM360 St af f on December 15t h, 2015

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PM360’s Innovat ions Issue, est ablished f our years ago, serves as a

comprehensive guide t o our readers, providing a glimpse at t he year’s most

cut t ing-edge: Companies, Divisions, St art ups, Product s, Services and

St rat egies.

Here are our picks f or t he most innovat ive product s of 2015, which include

sof t ware, apps, programs and anyt hing else designed t o improve how t hose working in t he indust ry do t heir jobs.

AppScript: IMS Health AppScript IMS Health Brian Clancy, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Solutions brian.clancy@us.imshealth.com Wit h more t han 165,000 mobile healt h apps and devices in t he market place, recommending t he best solut ion can be overwhelming. IMS Healt h’s AppScript is t he leading discovery and dist ribut ion plat f orm f or mobile healt h t echnologies. It ’s a simple and ef f ect ive mobile healt h t ool t hat let s healt hcare prof essionals recommend apps, connect ed devices and cont ent t o improve pat ient engagement, sat isf act ion and out comes.

T he AppScript t eam curat ed and charact erized t housands of mobile healt hcare apps, hundreds of connect ed devices, and t housands of pieces of educat ional cont ent by condit ion and st age of t he pat ient journey. Wit h it s propriet ary algorit hm, IMS Healt h has t est ed, rat ed and awarded a unique AppScript Score t o more t han 30,000 mobile healt h apps. T he company’s propriet ary IMS Healt h AppScript Score ranks apps and devices based on six primary met rics: Funct ionalit y, prof essional reviews, pat ient reviews, endorsement s, developer t rust rat ings and clinical rat ings.

Wit h AppScript, prescribers can make t heir own mobile healt h f ormulary, cust omize each communicat ion t o ref lect t he inst it ut ion’s brand and experience, and manage users f rom a small pract ice t o a large inst it ut ion.

AppScript prescribers can see who opened t heir specialized AppScript prescript ion, send f ollow up messages t o t rack pat ient sat isf act ion and usage, and securely connect wit h users via surveys.

T he IMS Healt h AppScript t eam can also help pharmaceut ical companies and mobile healt h app developers of all kinds t o bet t er underst and t he mobile healt h t echnology market, evaluat e t he clinical and economic value of mobile healt h int ervent ions, and promot e pat ient -f acing mobile healt h int ervent ions t hrough B2B channels such as providers and payers.

Conf erenceInsider: eHealthcare Solutions ConferenceInsider eHeathcare Solutions John Burke, Chief Revenue Of f icer jburke@ehsmail.com eHealt hcare Solut ions (EHS) Conf erenceInsider is a comprehensive, mult ichannel, t hree-mont h digit al program t hat makes it easier f or lif e science market ers t o deliver a brand message in conjunct ion wit h a key healt hcare indust ry conf erence in alignment wit h t heir t arget audience.

T he Conf erenceInsider program enables brands t o st ay t op-of -mind wit h bot h conf erence at t endees and non-at t endees int erest ed in relevant

conf erence cont ent. T he program consist s of live event coverage including:

Speaker session highlight s, post er sessions, video post s f rom Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), daily polls and live t weet s, each delivered on a brandsponsored cust om conf erence microsit e host ed by Drugs.com, an exclusive EHS publisher part ner. Cust omizable int egrat ions of ot her EHS solut ions wit h t he Conf erenceInsider, such as t heir Test Your Knowledge diagnost ic challenge quiz game f or healt hcare prof essionals (HCPs), are also available.

EHS t hen leverages it s exclusive healt hcare prof essional publisher net work, including more t han 75 of t he most respect ed online medical journals, healt hcare prof essional and medical societ y websit es t o reach t he desired specialt y audience. T hrough t his approach, EHS enables healt hcare market ers t o maximize value t hrough a variet y of digit al engagement t ools, including branded, cust om emails t o list -mat ched, aut hent icat ed HCPs, and geomedically t arget ed advert ising t o drive t raf f ic t o t he brand-sponsored Conf erenceInsider microsit e bef ore, during and af t er t he chosen event.

EHS Conf erenceInsider launched in May 2015, and all Conf erenceInsider programs t o dat e have exceeded t he reach and engagement expect at ions of t he brand part ner. T his service is demonst rably helping pharmaceut ical brands engage t arget ed HCPs wit h relevant, t imely cont ent t hat keeps physicians and prescribers up t o dat e wit h t he lat est advances in t reat ment s and t echnologies f or t heir prof ession.

ContentShare: Compas, Inc.

ContentShare Compas, Inc.

Brandy Colangelo, Director, Buying Services and Deliverables bcolangelo@compas-inc.com Lat e t his year, Compas, Inc., a leading media buying f irm, launched ContentShare, a propriet ary service f or t he st rat egic dist ribut ion of audiencespecif ic clinical and pharmaceut ical client cont ent in bot h print and digit al f ormat s. By harnessing t he power of key clinical and pharmaceut ical cont ent, ContentShare is able t o of f er a cont ent planning st rat egy t hat can proact ively drive a brand’s clinical cont ent t o t heir t arget audiences and provide relevant healt hcare mat erial f or increased brand awareness and prescript ion lif t.

Recent ly, many in t he pharma indust ry have shied away f rom t his kind of cont ent and medium because of f ears t hat it will violat e t he Sunshine Act. But according t o CMI/Compas’s Media Vitals 2015 research st udy, t he great er risk t o pharma may be not dist ribut ing reprint s or ot her cont ent t o healt hcare prof essionals. T he research revealed t hat 90% of healt hcare prof essionals act ually t hink it is usef ul t o receive medical journal art icle reprint s f rom pharma. And now ContentShare allows client s t o use and t rack t his t ype of cont ent in a way t hat ’s compliant wit h t he Sunshine Act —providing anot her powerf ul engagement t ool t hat client s can use t o move t he promot ional needle.

ContentShare made it s debut at ProcureCON Pharma in November, where one client who at t ended not ed: “T his is a great way t o ensure cont ent is get t ing in f ront of t he right HCP, especially HCPs t hat are not being reached by sales reps!” Anot her client at t endee not ed: “I like how t his provides not only cost ef f iciencies but a cust omized approach t o deliver key cont ent.” GateKeeper: PSKW GateKeeper PSKW Chris Dowd, Executive Vice President, Market and Product Development cdowd@pskw.com T he f ederal Ant i-Kickback St at ut e (AKS) st ipulat es t hat in a claim scenario in which a person is covered by a government healt h plan and benef it s are paid by t he government, t he use of pharmaceut ical co-pay cards or pat ient savings cards is not permit t ed. Any violat ion of t his provision could result in signif icant f ines. Sadly, ident if ying government benef iciaries isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In t heir primary ef f ort t o comply wit h t his AKS provision during each pharmacy claim adjudicat ion event, pharmacies, manuf act urers, adjudicat ors, and copay program providers have t hus f ar relied on one or more of several plan ident if iers list ed on t he pat ient ’s insurance card. T hese include t he Plan ID, Payer ID, BIN (Bank Ident if icat ion Number), PCN (Processor Cont rol Number), and Rx Group number. Unf ort unat ely, t hese insurance-card ident if iers (used alone or in combinat ion) are an inadequat e means by which t o screen f or government benef iciary st at us.

In 2015, PSKW developed GateKeeper in part nership wit h EagleForce Healt h, t he advanced t echnology f irm responsible f or t he proven model used by several of t he most securit y-sensit ive agencies on eart h. GateKeeper helps companies comply wit h t he AKS provision wit hout relying on inadequat e BIN/PCN/Group ID dat a. Inst ead, GateKeeper uses advanced t echnology t o collect billions of person-specif ic dat a point s f rom nearly 1,000 disparat e dat a sources, sort s and collat es t hose dat a point s t o accurat ely ascert ain whet her a specif ic individual is part icipat ing in any government -run healt h insurance program, and t hen blocks ineligible individuals f rom receiving co-pay assist ance.

iSpecimen’s Virtual Marketplace: iSpecimen iSpecimen’s Virtual Marketplace iSpecimen Kiran Ganda, Director of Marketing kganda@ispecimen.com Wit h t he advent of personalized medicine, biomedical research is booming— magnif ying t he need f or human biospecimens on which t o conduct t he research. But f inding qualif ied human biospecimens has long been a problem.

In f act, in a 2009 Nat ional Cancer Inst it ut e st udy, 81% of researchers said t hey limit t he scope of t heir work due t o t he short age of qualit y biospecimens. Fast f orward t o t oday, when t he need is even great er, and t he ext ent of t he problem is palpable. And yet each year millions of human biospecimens are dest royed when clinical t est ing is complet e—but t hey could be put t o good use.

iSpecimen creat ed a new paradigm f or specimen procurement t hrough which t echnology easily int erf aces wit h healt h inf ormat ion syst ems at hospit als and labs t o wat ch t he f low of soon-t o-be-discarded specimens and t heir associat ed dat a. When a mat ch t o a researcher request is made, specimens are picked, packed and shipped in an aut omat ed, HIPAA-compliant, ef f icient manner t o researcher cust omers.

T his is t he f irst specimen procurement process leveraging t echnology and healt h syst em dat a, including Elect ronic Medical Record dat a, allowing scope, scale and det ailed annot at ion. T hrough iSpecimen’s virt ual market place, researchers can submit ext raordinarily specif ic request s including solid and liquid specimens f rom pat ient cohort s t hat span dif f erent demographics, diagnoses, medicat ions and procedures. T he t echnology also incorporat es de-ident if icat ion and consent processes t o address prot ect ed healt h inf ormat ion and pat ient pref erences.

As a measure of success, since launching of f icially in May, iSpecimen is already implement ed in dozens of hospit als and labs nat ionwide and delivering t o a wide range of cust omers, including pharmaceut ical, diagnost ic, biot ech and academic organizat ions.

Medtronic CardioInsight ECVUE Sensor Array Vest: Nottingham Spirk Medtronic CardioInsight ECVUE Sensor Array Vest Nottingham Spirk Bill Nottingham, VP Business Development bnottingham@nottinghamspirk.com When CardioInsight, a medical device company launched by t he Case West ern Reserve Universit y T echnology T ransf er Of f ice (CWRU T T O), invent ed a breakt hrough t echnology t o improve diagnosis and t reat ment of elect rical disorders of t he heart, Charu Ramant han and Ping Jia decided t o bring in Not t ingham Spirk as a development part ner f or t heir creat ive engineering and design skills and success in get t ing product s t o market.

T he device in quest ion is a vest t hat allows an elect rocardiologist t o view exact ly what is happening in a f ully 3D virt ual environment specif ic t o t hat pat ient ’s anat omy, complet ely non-invasively, in real t ime. T he syst em can be used f or precise diagnosis t o det ermine what t reat ment plan is most appropriat e f or t he pat ient, whet her it be lif est yle changes, pharmaceut ical t reat ment or surgical int ervent ion. And if a surgical t reat ment is det ermined t o be t he best course of act ion, it can also be used t o guide t he procedure.

CardioInsight ’s original prot ot ype had more t han 250 elect rodes, weighed approximat ely 20 pounds, and resembled a medieval-looking garment st rewn wit h wires. T he t eams worked collaborat ively t o creat e a light weight, disposable vest wit h 250 plus elect rodes print ed direct ly ont o t he vest subst rat e. T his version was comf ort able, easy t o put on, could f it a variet y of body t ypes and allows t he mobilit y needed t o navigat e t he pat ient t hrough t he mult iple st eps of t he ent ire 8-hour procedure t hroughout t he hospit al. T he syst em also enables more ef f icient use of hospit al resources by decreasing t he t ime t he pat ient spends in each depart ment.

T he f inal result : T he CardioInsight ECVUE Sensor Array vest, which received a Gold Edison Award and was an IDEA Finalist. In 2015, Medt ronic acquired CardioInsight f or about $93 million.

Mobile Survey App: Kantar Health Mobile Survey App Kantar Health Brian Mondry, Global Head of Digital Innovation brian.mondry@kantarhealth.com In 2015, Kant ar Healt h got closer t o t he chronic pain experience t hrough a mobile pain diary st udy wit h rheumat oid art hrit is pat ient s. A mobile version of a validat ed pain scale plus pat ient s’ pict ures wit h descript ive capt ions enabled t he company t o underst and t he chronic pain pat ient experience—in an emot ional as well as a clinical cont ext. T he combinat ion of words and visuals enabled pat ient s t o share t heir t rue realit y. Not only ice wrapped ankles, but a mom unable t o play wit h her baby and overf lowing hampers and dishwashers because pat ient s are in t oo much pain t o do simple household chores.

But mobile now goes way beyond t he smart phone as advances in mHealt h t echnology allow f or t he passive collect ion of accurat e biomet ric dat a.

Combined wit h dat a act ively collect ed t hrough surveys and ot her means, t his provides a more holist ic view of t he healt hcare consumer and helps ident if y t he levers t hat inf luence at t it udes, behaviors and healt h out comes.

In response t o t his, Kant ar Healt h developed a mobile survey app t hat is able t o passively collect biomet ric and act ivit y dat a f rom a wide range of mHealt h devices. So in addit ion t o survey and mult imedia dat a, t he app adds anot her layer of inf ormat ion t hrough accurat e biomet ric dat a. In t he pain cat egory, mobilit y dat a may provide a guide t o whet her cert ain levels of act ivit y t rigger a pain episode. Or it can be used t o monit or how users of a client ’s pain solut ion f are in real-world sit uat ions. T his can have major implicat ions f or st udies conduct ed around compliance and ef f icacy.

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