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What You Need to Know Before You Go


In order to enter Chile as a citizen of the United States, you will need:

A signed passport valid for 6 months beyond the completion of this trip.

In order to enter Argentina as a citizen of the United States, you will need:

A signed passport valid for 6 months beyond the completion of this trip.

U.S. Passport Holders: The Argentine Immigration Agency has temporarily suspended the required US$160 reciprocity fee payment. U.S. passport holders arriving into Argentina between March 23, 2016 and June 23, 2016 do not have to pay the reciprocity fee. Entry requirements are subject to change and up-to-date information can be found on the Argentine Immigration website at www.migraciones.gov.ar. The waiver does not alter visa charges or reciprocity fees that apply to citizens of other countries.

Prior to arrival in Argentina at any entry point, Canadians (US$92); Australians (US$100) tourist and business travelers must pay the reciprocity fee by credit card online at www.migraciones.gov.ar. Airlines will not let you board the plane without a printed copy of the reciprocity fee showing that you have paid the required amount.

To pay your reciprocity fee you need to register on line, provide personal information and a credit card number. Once paid, you must print out the barcoded receipt and present it to the Argentine immigration officer at the time of entry even when returning to Argentina from half-day, full day or overnight stays in neighboring countries. The fee is valid for ten years from the date of payment and multiple entries. If you have travelled to Argentina since 2009 and have an existing 10-year “fee-paid” sticker in your passport you do not have to pay the fee again. Fees and procedures are subject to change.

In order to enter Brazil as a citizen of the United States, you will need:

A signed passport valid for 6 months beyond the completion of this trip and a tourist visa obtained in advance.

Brazil has announced a restricted, temporary visa waiver permitting nationals from USA, Australia, Canada and Japan to enter the country for tourism between June 1 - September 18, 2016, a period covering the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Those entering Brazil under this waiver are permitted a stay of up to 90 days without applying for a visa. This visa waiver does not cover activities beyond tourism. Travellers who are entering Brazil for any type of business meetings, conferences or work-related activities (including any business activities associated with the Olympic Games) will need to obtain a visa.

Note for visitors to Iguassu Falls If your itinerary includes a visit to Iguassu Falls, you must obtain a tourist visa in advance for Brazil if you intend to cross the border on a day-trip from the Argentine side to view the Brazilian side of the Falls. The Brazilian visa cannot be obtained at the border and authorities will refuse entry to anyone not holding a valid visa.

Make sure your passport has enough blank visa pages available for entry and exit stamps.

Contact our partner, VisaCentral for easy, efficient passport and visa processing. Call 866 788 1100 and reference A&K’s account number #73001 or visit our Travel Store at abercrombiekent.com/travel_store.

If you are not a citizen of the United States, your entry requirements may vary. Please consult the nearest diplomatic or consular office of the country or countries you will be visiting.


The US Department of State provides Country Specific Information Sheets for every country in the world, as well as Travel Alerts and Warnings. Find this information by calling 888 407 4747 or 202 501 4444 or online at travel.state.gov.


Chile’s unit of currency is the Chilean Peso. Argentina's unit of currency is the Argentine Peso.

Brazil’s unit of currency is the Real.

Major credit cards are generally accepted in urban areas although some merchants in may add a surcharge.

Although the U.S. dollar is accepted as payment at most hotels and tourist shops in Chile, most restaurants and taxi drivers require payment in pesos. Major credit cards are generally accepted in urban areas although some merchants may add a surcharge. ATM access is limited to major cities and the easiest way to obtain cash is by using the ATM’s, which operate under the “Redbank” sign. On Easter Island, some places take credit cards, but, as it can take months for proprietors to recover the money, it the least welcome form of payment (and some will even offer a cash discount over credit card purchases). There is one ATM at the Chilean bank in Hanga Roa and access may not be available. It is best to exchange a moderate amount of local currency on the mainland prior to your arrival on the island.

In Argentina, ATM access (with payout in Pesos) is available in urban areas. If using an ATM, do so during business hours at a location inside a bank, supermarket, or large commercial building.

At present, US dollars are accepted by many tourist-oriented businesses and shops.

In Brazil, ATM machines are easily accessible. When using credit cards or ATMs in Brazil, exercise caution when using these payment methods and carefully monitor your banking online for non-authorized charges during the course of your visit.

Foreign currency can be exchanged only at authorized agencies such as banks and bureaus de change. Exchange currency only at authorized outlets such as exchange kiosks, banks and hotels and exchange only what you think you will need during your trip. Save all receipts from any currency transaction. You may be asked to produce them when you exit the country, and they are required if you intend to reconvert local currency.

We suggest travelling with some U.S. dollars to be exchanged for local currency and at least two major credit cards. If you have a “Chip and PIN” card, be careful to shield your number from view while entering it on a keypad; never disclose your PIN verbally. Notify your credit card company of your travel plans prior to your departure to avoid any fraud concerns.

We do not recommend traveller’s checks as they are not as widely accepted as in previous years.


It is a good idea to read up on any health issues or concerns related to your destination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers current health information; it can be reached at 800-232-4636 or online at wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel.

Required vaccination(s) None We suggest that you see a healthcare provider at least 4-6 weeks before your departure to allow time for any vaccinations or treatments to take effect.

If your journey includes travel in the High Andes regions of Chile and Argentina or the Altiplano or Atacama Desert regions of Chile, you may experience altitude sickness. Please consult your healthcare provider for suggestions on prevention and treatment.


Both Chile and Argentina are long countries stretching over 2,000 miles north to south and the climate in each country varies by region and altitude. Here, the seasons are reversed from the northern hemisphere and winter occurs during the months of June through August.

The eastern side of Chile in the Andes Mountains experiences cooler temperatures throughout the year while the coastal side of the country has a moderate Mediterranean-type climate. The Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on earth while the southern end of Chile experiences lots of rain. The warmest months occur from January through March with temperatures averaging in the 80s. The exception is Easter Island. The island off the coast of Chile enjoys a humid subtropical climate and the weather is pleasant year-round. The temperature usually does not fall below the 60s and averages in the 80s year-round.

Most of Argentina (except for the sub-tropical northern regions and sub-polar southern regions) enjoys a temperate climate with hot, humid summers and cool, dry winters. Tropical regions experience high temperatures and rainfall year-round. The mountainous regions feature an arid climate and Patagonia is cold and windy. Tierra de Fuego’s weather is generally cold and rainy with summer temperatures rarely climbing beyond the 60s.

Most of Brazil is located in the tropics and generally, temperatures around the equator range in the 70s and 80s year-round. As you travel south in the more temperate regions, temperatures will vary and are similar to that of the southern United States. During the summer, which runs from December to February, Rio and the northeast experience temperatures which can reach into the 90s. During the Brazilian winter (June to September) Rio and the surrounding area enjoy constant trade winds and the weather is similar to summertime in northern Europe with average temperatures ranging from about 73°F to 80°F. The Amazon region is hot and very humid and usually experiences heavy rain showers in the afternoons. (The region does have a three to five month dry season which differs on either side of the equator.) Surprisingly, temperatures in the Amazon rarely go above 90°F and tend to average in the 70s and 80s.

Use a website such as weather.com to find average temperatures and rainfall during your travel times.


Chile and Argentina - 220 volts and 50 hertz Brazil - 110 volts and 60 hertz (although some hotels in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo use 220 volts and 60 hertz.) Please refer to the “Electrical Adapter Guide For Global Travel” included in your pre-tour materials.


Daytime attire: Pack comfortable, casual clothing in natural, breathable fabrics. Temperatures will change as altitudes and time of day change, so it’s best to bring shorts as well as long trousers, and clothing you can layer.

Evening attire: Somewhat smarter clothing is appropriate for evening dining in city restaurants. In Buenos Aires especially, residents are very fashion conscious and it is customary to dress for dinner. Formal clothing is not necessary.

If visiting mountainous regions or exploring Patagonia, pack a lightweight parka or windproof jacket (preferably water resistant) and windproof slacks, made of fabric such as Gor-Tex®. Winds can be fierce; you may opt to bring earmuffs and gloves to wear. (Hat, gloves, and scarf are necessary for winter travel.) If visiting rainforest regions in Brazil: expedition-type ventilated long-sleeved shirts and pants (including some pants with zip-off legs that convert long-pants into shorts). Light and neutral colors are best; black, navy or other dark colors tend to attract insects.

Comfortable, walking shoes with low or no heels Lightweight, waterproof and well broken-in hiking boots that provide ankle support for trekking related activities in Patagonia, Chilean Lake District and desert regions as well as Amazon rainforest regions.

Sweater or lightweight jacket Lightweight raincoat or poncho Swimming suit Sunglasses, sun block and a sunhat Mosquito repellent Lightweight binoculars (optional) Simple first-aid kit Prescriptions and medications (We recommend you carry these in their original bottles and/or packaging.) Charging cables for electronics Voltage converter and adapter plugs Optional items if visiting Patagonia: waterproof daypack, collapsible walking stick, small flashlight Note: Laundry service is available at your hotels.

Baggage Restrictions On flights within Chile, each traveller is limited to two checked bags weighing 50 lbs. (total combined weight) in Economy class. In addition you may have one personal item (such as a purse or laptop) and one carry-on weighing up to 17 lbs.

On flights within Argentina, each traveller is limited to one checked maximum weight 33 lbs. in Economy class. In addition you may have one personal item (such as a purse or laptop) and one carry-on weighing up to 11 lbs.

On flights within Brazil, each traveller is limited to one checked maximum weight 50 lbs. in Economy class. In addition you may have one personal item (such as a purse or laptop) and one carry-on weighing up to 11 lbs. Charges for extra luggage will apply.

As a preventative measure, it is recommended that all luggage be secured with a TSA approved lock.

What You Need to Know When You Arrive


Argentina and the North, East, South, Southeast and Central West states of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasílía) operate on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) –3 hours.

At 9:00 a.m. in Argentina and these regions of Brazil, it is:

–  –  –

Chile and the Brazilian states of Amazonas (Manaus), Rondônia, Roraima, Pará (Belém), Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul operate on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) -4 hours.

At 9:00 a.m. in Chile and these regions of Brazil, it is:

–  –  –

PST 7:00 a.m. the same day


The official language in Chile and Argentina is Spanish. Portuguese is the official language in Brazil.

Please consult with your guide on translations, if needed.


At most international airports, passengers cannot be met inside secured areas. This includes Immigration, Customs halls and Baggage Claim. Your A&K representative will greet you as you exit these restricted areas; look for the person holding the distinctive yellow A&K signboard.

Before departing, remember to tag your checked luggage with the yellow A&K tags we provided.

These brightly colored markers help identify you and your luggage quickly.


Use the safes where available in your accommodations to secure your valuables, especially passports, medications, jewelry, money and electronics. If you must carry valuables, keep them on your person at all times; do not leave them unattended. Visitors to big cities and popular tourist destinations should be alert as street crime can be a problem. Be mindful of your surroundings and take extra caution in crowds.

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