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«A Program Manual for Youth Exercise, Basic Exercise Guidelines and Resistance Training Principles Updated March 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS PROGRAM ...»


Fit Adolescents Safely Training

A Program Manual for

Youth Exercise,

Basic Exercise Guidelines and

Resistance Training Principles

Updated March 2016













Youth fitness at the YMCA of Austin is a multi-dimensional course that teaches youth ages 12-15 the importance of basic exercise guidelines, gym etiquette, and safety. The course’s main focus is to provide a safe, non-competitive, and inviting gym-learning experience for today’s diverse group of children. With today’s staggering child obesity statistics, reduced P.E. requirements in the educational system, and the rise in youth sports programs, children need to be taught safe, active, and healthy lifestyles, more so now, than in the past. An influential impact needs to be addressed to bridge the gap between children who are sedentary and those who have a misguided athletic promise.

Updated March 2016 YMCA of Austin has revised and streamlined the YMCA F.A.S.T. (Fit Adolescents Safety Training) program at the Hays Communities and TownLake YMCA branches as the FAST 2.0 Program to allow youth members to access the program at his/her pace and according to his/her schedule.

The F.A.S.T. 2.0 program teaches youth (ages 12-15) how to work out safely in the

fitness center. Parents/youth will both benefit from this program in several ways:

 Youth ages (12-15) will be able to work out in the fitness center, without parental supervision throughout all YMCA of Austin branches.

 The program provides a non-competitive teaching experience for youth, who may not participate in sports, but want to work out in a fitness center.

 The program provides for a measure of education, security, and safety concerns for the parents, the youth, and the YMCA as a whole.

 Enables youth, at an early age, to gain good habits toward a healthy lifestyle.


The F.A.S.T. 2.0 program includes a home study manual with video, on-line written exam and in-person practical exam. The following information can be accessed on the YMCA

of Austin web site at www.austinymca.org:

–  –  –


The online exam includes a basic proficiency of the information learned in the home study portion and is taken on the honor system without notes or the FAST manual. A passing score of 75% or high is required before the practical exam will be scheduled.

Upon passing the online exam, the youth member will be contacted within 3-5 days to schedule a time for the practical exam. This is where the youth member will demonstrate proper usage of all the fitness equipment covered in the home study and video. The practical exam is graded as pass or fail.

A Youth Waiver must be signed by the parent and on file at the Welcome Center before taking the practical exam. Upon passing both exams, the youth member will be given a lanyard or wrist band to wear showing access to the fitness center at their home YMCA as well as all other YMCA of Austin branches.

–  –  –


Attention Parents: Please read and sign at the bottom


The F.A.S.T. 2.0 Program exam involves testing the knowledge and fundamental skills of the students who wish to be granted fitness center privileges.

The two-part test is primarily a multiple-choice test that reiterates the information that the students have learned. In the online exame, students must show that they understand basic muscle anatomy, basic exercise guidelines, and what muscles they work during various exercises.

In the practical exam, an instructor individually tests each student in the fitness center.

Students must be able to show safe gym etiquette and applied knowledge of both machine and free-weight exercises. The practical exam is the most critical part to the testing process.

*Passing the practical exam is solely based on the instructor’s evaluation of the student’s knowledge.


The point of the course is to show proficiency in the fitness center, not just on the paper solely. For example, a student may get a 100% on the written exam correct, but fail the practical exam. Unfortunately, the student may not receive an overall passing grade due to lack of applied knowledge and safety concerns. If a student fails the course, the student may be given an additional week to study and re-take the online or practical exam.

Parent initial: _____________

Future Feedback The F.A.S.T. 2.0 Program provides a foundation of knowledge that kids may use for future fitness goals, motivational skills, discipline, and other aspects of life. Once completing and passing the course, current youth fitness participants are encouraged to continue taking the course on an annual basis. In addition to the course, participants are also encouraged to get involved in other YMCA programs, such as YMCA teen clubs, sports, and youth programs. It will help the participants continue to grow, understand, and achieve various fitness goals, positive feedback on life, and lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

Parent’s signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

–  –  –

Static Stretching Stretching muscles with a consistent hold position.

Ballistic Stretching Stretching muscles with a bouncy or inconsistent hold positon.

(This type of stretching should be avoided.)

–  –  –


The key components of fitness include: cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

–  –  –


Identify the major muscles of the body. Must be able to show and label for the exam. The

major muscles are as follows:

 Quadriceps – Front thigh  Hamstrings – Back thigh  Rectus Abdominis – Front abdominals  Gluteals – Bottom  Erector Spinae – Low back  Pectoralis Major – Chest  Latissimus Dorsi – Upper back (V-shape)  Deltoids – Shoulders  Triceps – Back of the Arm  Biceps – Front of the Arm  Adductors – Inner thighs  Abductors – Outer thighs  Trapezius – Back of Neck  Obliques – Side Abdominals  Gastrocnemius – Calf  Rhomboids – Middle of Back between shoulder blades

–  –  –


Watch the video to see proper setup and execution of each selectorized machine. Memorize the list of machines and the main muscles for each exercise. Machines listed below are

covered on the exam:

Leg press – Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Gluteals Shoulder press – Deltoids Seated Row – Rhomboids and Latissimus Dorsi Chest press – Pectorals Leg Extension – Quadriceps Leg Curls – Hamstrings Hip Adduction – Adductors (Inner thigh) Hip Abduction – Abductors (Outer thigh) Lat pulldown – Latissimus Dorsi Abdominal Crunch – Rectus Abdominis Back Extension – Spinal Erectors/ Erector Spinae Tricep Extension or Press – Triceps Arm/Bicep curls - Biceps

–  –  –


Exercising through a full range of motion (ROM) enhances strength and flexibility, as well as helps prevent injury.

Abdominal and other core muscles are used each time that you do an exercise. Condition them to help prevent instability and injury. Conditioning the abdominals last helps prevent instability and injury. You don’t want to fatigue your core muscles first before the rest of the workout.

When you breathe in, your body takes in oxygen. When you exhale your body gets rid of carbon dioxide. Your muscles use oxygen as fuel to function; be sure to breathe during all exercise components for a safe and effective workout.

Get plenty of rest to help your body recover and grow strong; give your body 48 hours between resistance training/weight training workouts (i.e. if you lift on Monday, wait until Wednesday).

Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated, flush toxins, lubricate joints, and keep muscles flexible. Water will help fuel you during your workouts and it helps maintain your body functions and operating systems while you are not working out.

Eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day to help fuel your workouts. Avoid junk food! Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and healthy fats will keep you strong and energized. (see image below for tips or visit www.choosemyplate.gov)

–  –  –


Respect is one of the YMCA’s core values. Fitness etiquette is a code of behavior to help us respect the fitness equipment, and the other people in the gym when you are working out.

Fitness Etiquette is important to maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone.


It is important to re-rack your weights in the correct place, so other members can find them. If you leave your weights out without re-racking them, someone could trip on them and hurt themselves.


After using a machine, you should spray down all of the areas that your hands and/or body touch. Cleaning your machine after each use reduces the spread of disease and keeps you healthy!


After you clean your machine, make sure to throw away the used paper towels and any other trash you may have. Cleaning up your trash is a way of respecting others and keeping our facility clean for everyone.


If you notice that a machine is broken, let a YMCA staff member know. The faster we know about broken equipment, the faster we can fix it!


Talking on your cell phone in the gym is distracting to others and is not a way of respecting the common space. If you need to use your cell phone, step outside to make a call.


Dropping your weights is loud and disruptive. It also can be unsafe. Our facility does not have the proper equipment for dropping weights. Please set your weights down in a controlled and quiet manner.


The YMCA core values are honesty, respect, responsibility, caring and faith. All members are expected to use these core values while using the fitness center. Youth members that do not follow fitness center etiquette and use the core values, can lose their fitness center priviledges.

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