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«4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, October 6 Hit Me With Your Best Shot Bible Story: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Samuel anoints David / David and ...»

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4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, October 6

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Bible Story: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Samuel anoints David / David and Goliath) • 1 Samuel 16:1-13;


Bottom Line: Honor others by giving them a chance.

Memory Verse: “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10


Life App: Honor—letting someone know you see how valuable they really are.

Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Early Arriver Activity (8:45 or 10:30) What You Need: no supplies needed

What You Do:

Invite kids to put their offerings in the container. As kids arrive, ask them to share about stuff they’d like to have the chance to do some day. Where would they like to go? What would they like to do? Who are some of the people they’d like to take along?

Plug In (9:00 or 10:45) X-rays What You Need: “Guess the X-Ray” (Activity Page), pens

What You Do:

Give each of the kids a “Guess the X-ray” Activity Page and a pen. Ask them to write several things on the ribs of the x-ray that others might not know about them just by looking. If kids need help, suggest that they think about an unusual food they like, an uncommon place they have been, where one of their relatives works, their favorite place to eat, and so on. Tell them not to let anyone see what they’re writing. Then when everyone’s finished, collect the x-rays. Invite the kids to guess which x-ray belongs to which person.

What You Say:

“Were you surprised at some of the x-rays? I know I was. (Mention something you learned about the kids from this activity.) We might surprise one another with new information, but we’ll never surprise God. One of the things I find most cool about God is how He knows each and every person inside and out. He doesn’t need an xray machine to do it. That’s because He made us. Plus, He knows and sees everything that goes on around us and inside our head and our heart. [Transition] In today’s lesson, God looked inside a man and liked what He saw. It wasn’t at all what others were seeing. Let’s go check it out.” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Target Practice (application activity / review the Bible story / great for active learners) What You Need: “Marshmallow Slingshots Instructions” (Activity Page), plastic cups, balloons, mini marshmallows, scissors, painter’s or masking tape, Bible

What You Do:

Give each person a cup, balloon, scissors, and a “Marshmallow Slingshots” instruction sheet. Instruct kids to complete the steps to make marshmallow slingshots.

–  –  –

Ask review questions based on the information kids learned in Large Group.

What You Say:

“Great job launching those marshmallows! You guys could’ve easily taken down a target like Goliath. It’s interesting to look at the people God targeted in this story, particularly David. How could God choose an unexpected young boy from out in the fields to be king? David wasn’t the guy most people would’ve targeted for the job of giant-slayer or leader of a nation. But God sees things differently than we do. Whether David was the most handsome, athletic, tall, and brilliant dude on earth wasn’t the point. God was looking for something better and more important than that. He was looking for a man who had a heart for God. God had seen David’s true value and gave him a chance to do something big.

“This week, I guarantee you’ll have a chance to [Impress] honor others by giving them a chance. [Apply] It may be some kid you’re tempted to look down on because he isn’t cool in some way. It might even be an adult that everyone makes fun of. If you take honor seriously, you’ll think twice and then you’ll adjust your attitude. If you really love God and love others, you’ll want to honor them and make them feel important, even if others don’t.” Catch On #2 Hold Up (application activity) What You Need: paper, pen, tape, yardstick, string

What You Do:

Ask kids to sign their names on the sheet of paper. Tape the list to the top of the yardstick.

Give each person a length of string and have kids tie their strings a little above the halfway point of the yardstick.

Next, lay the stick on the floor and have kids stand in a circle around it holding the ends of their pieces of string.

Ask all but one kid to drop their strings. Invite the one person still holding the string to pull on it and try to raise the yardstick to an upright position. (It won’t work.) Let others take turns trying.

Next, ask two kids to pick up a string and let both of them try to raise the stick. (It might work.) Again, let others take turns trying. Finally, ask all the kids to pick up their strings. Instruct them to gently pull together with even tension. If they work together, they should be able to raise the stick to an upright position.

Optional 5th Grade Discussion Questions

If you lead fifth graders, consider asking these discussion questions:

 Describe what it feels like to be overlooked or not given a chance.

 We all know what it feels like to be left out or made to feel unimportant. It’s pretty awful. So why do we sometimes treat others that way?

 [Apply] What are some ways you can lift others up and make them feel important?

 [Apply] You worked together to lift up the yardstick in our activity. How can you work together with your friends to show honor to people who are usually overlooked?

What You Say:

“When you [Impress] honor others by giving them a chance, you ‘lift them up.’ You make them feel important because they really ARE important. They’re valuable. Like you, God made them ON purpose and FOR a purpose. [Apply] Honoring someone can be as simple as smiling and saying, ‘How’s it going?’ to that kid everyone ignores or the bus driver who gets laughed at. Maybe you notice someone who always ends up sitting alone at lunch. That’s the perfect opportunity to give that kid a chance by inviting him to sit with you. Doing something nice for someone who is often ignored might push you out of your comfort zone. It’s a little scary. But that’s okay. Go ask God for courage to do a hard thing. He will help you show honor to people in the way you treat and talk to them. Standing a yardstick on end when you’re the only one pulling on the string is impossible. So is giving others a chance. But remember, God’s quick to help because when you treat a person with honor, you show those around you how much He really values ALL of us.” Catch On #3 Yarn Match (memory verse activity) What You Need: Bibles, 9-foot length of yarn, ball of yarn, scissors

What You Do:

Ask kids to open their Bibles to Romans 12:10. Help any who are not familiar with locating books and chapters in the Bible. (See the tips below.) th th Finding verses with 4 -5 graders: Our verse is from Romans. Ask kids to tell you whether that’s in the Old Testament or the New Testament. (New) So we know it’s toward the back of the Bible. It’s after the first of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the book of Acts. When they find Romans, explain that the big numbers on the page are the chapter numbers.

Tell them to find chapter 12. Explain that the small numbers are verse numbers. Tell them to them find verse 10 in chapter 12.

Say the verse together to help kids begin memorizing it. [Personalize] Share an example of someone you know who lives out Romans 12:10. How does that person treat others? How does he or she honor others? Ask kids to share examples of people they know or have read about who follow Romans 12:10 in the way they honor others. Ask them to give examples of how Jesus honors each of us. What has He done to show us how important and valuable we are? [Apply] How can we follow His example?

Hold up the length of yarn you’ve cut. (Consider using it to illustrate that Goliath, in today’s Bible story, was over nine feet tall.) Set the yarn piece aside or put it in your pocket. Pass a ball of yarn or string and ask kids to cut off a piece they believe to be exactly the same length as yours. When everyone is done, let kids take turns comparing their yarn pieces to the original to see how close they came.

What You Say:

“It wasn’t easy to perfectly match your lengths of yarn to mine, but some of you came very close. When it comes to loving others deeply and showing them honor, we have a perfect example in Jesus. He showed other people how valuable they really were by spending time with them. He ate with people who usually ate alone. He served people who usually got ignored. He paid attention to those who normally didn’t get a lot of attention. If Jesus thought it was important to love everyone, then we should, too. [Apply] How close can you come this week to matching His example? Here’s where to start: [Impress] honor others by giving them a chance. When you do, you’ll be showing them God’s love.”

–  –  –

When finished, invite everyone to find a partner and exchange word lists. Give everyone a copy of the interview page and have them fill in the blanks with the words written next to the corresponding numbers on their partner’s word list.

Let one partner “interview” the other by reading the QUESTION on his sheet and letting the other person read the ANSWER on his. Then, switch roles and repeat.

What You Say:

“Very interesting interviews. I hope you found the world’s most perfect friend today! In our Bible story we’ll hear about some guys who were GREAT friends. In fact, they came close to being some of the world’s best.

[Transition] Let’s go to Large Group and meet them.” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Straw Shoot (application activity / review the Bible story / great for active learners) What You Need: Bible, prepared index cards – David, Jonathan, Saul, cotton balls, plastic straws, tape

What You Do:

Using painters tape, construct 3 squares (approx. 12” x 12”) on the carpet side by side. Put one Bible character name card in each square. Give kids a plastic straw and cotton ball. Next look up today’s Bible Story, (1 Samuel 18: 1-9; 19:1-7; 20: 1-42 Instruct kids to form a line about 10 feet from the taped squares. Explain that you will read aloud a word, phrase, or entire verse from today’s lesson passage. It will refer to one of the characters in the Bible story. Tell kids that as soon as they know which person the verse is referring to, they should shoot their cotton ball by blowing it with the straw into the square with the name of that character. Allow kids to retrieve their cotton ball prior to each round. Continue until all key points from the lesson have been reviewed.

Optional 5th Grade Discussion Questions

If you lead fifth graders, consider asking these discussion questions:

 How did Jonathan and David put one another first?

 Do you think it was easy for Jonathan to honor David the way he did? Why or why not?

 What are some reasons it’s hard for us to put others first?

 What are some benefits that come out of making others feel valued and important?

What You Say:

“The story of David and Jonathan is an incredible example of friendship and what it really means to put others first. Jonathan was the king’s son. That was sort of a big deal. He was the next in line to be king, but he saw how God was at work in David, and he made the choice to put David first. Jonathan put great value on his relationship with David. He knew that we [Impress] honor others by putting them first. He didn’t do so just in words, but also through his actions. He shared things like his armor and weapons. Those things were hugely valuable because they were important symbols of who Jonathan was—the KING’S SON—and what he was supposed to inherit—the KINGDOM. Still, he made a choice to give up those things. [Apply] What do you have that you could share with others to show them honor this week? Not just stuff, but what about time?

What about kind words or encouragement? Maybe a smile or a hug or a thank you?” [Personalize] Share about a time when you were treated like royalty. How did someone go out of their way for you? A birthday party, help when you needed it, let you go first in line at the store, shoveled your driveway, or mowed your grass?

Catch On #2 Honor Action Plan (application activity) What You Need: “Honor Action Plans” (Activity Page), pens

What You Do:

Give each of the kids a copy of the “Honor Action Plan” Activity Page and a pen. Ask them to think about the week ahead. What will they be doing? Where will they be going? Who will they see on a regular basis? Who will they see only once or twice? Then, instruct them to fill in some of their ongoing activities on the weekly calendar located on the left of their papers.

When finished, allow time for kids to share some of their upcoming activities with one another. As they do, [Apply] invite the others to help brainstorm and suggest ways to apply the “Honor Actions” into each another’s week. Let the kids fill in the blanks on the right side of their papers with some of the ideas they come up with.

What You Say:

“If you want to [Impress] honor others by putting them first this week, [Apply] you’re going to need a plan.

Why? Because it’s way too easy to put ME first instead of OTHERS first! But God is so excited about helping you follow Him in this way that He will give you the help you need. Just ask Him for it. Making the choice to honor others will cost you something, no doubt. That’s because we’re not naturally wired to instantly think of others before ourselves. But God is! So, if we look to Him, He will give us His power to honor Him as we honor others.” Catch On #3 Fit for a King (memory verse activity) What You Need: Bibles, construction paper, paper strips, tape, markers

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