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«4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, August 4 Les Disobeyles Bible Story: Les Disobeyles (The Fall) • Genesis 3:1-24 (Supporting: Genesis 1, 2, and ...»

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4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, August 4

Les Disobeyles

Bible Story: Les Disobeyles (The Fall) • Genesis 3:1-24 (Supporting: Genesis 1, 2, and 4)

Bottom Line: I should trust and obey even when I think my way is better.

Memory Verse: “Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who

must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you.” Hebrews 13:17, NIV Life App: Obedience—trusting those who lead you by doing what you are asked to do.

Basic Truth: I can trust God no matter what.

Early Arriver Activity (8:45 or 10:30) What You Need: an offering container

What You Do:

Let kids put their offerings in the container. Ask kids to share and compare rules they have in their families such as rules about cleaning their rooms, doing homework, feeding the dog, or the way they treat one another. What happens if someone doesn’t follow one of the rules?

Plug In (9:00 or 10:45) This Is My Head What You Need: no supplies needed

What You Do:

Form a circle and stand in the middle. Tell the kids that when you point to them, you’d like them to repeat your motions and words. Begin by pointing to your eye with one hand. With your other hand, point to someone in the circle as you say, “This is my eye.” The kid should then point to his eye and repeat, “This is my eye.” Continue the process with each kid pointing to different body part each time.

Play again, but change the rules. As you quickly point to someone in the circle say, “This is my eye,” but point to your foot. Explain that the person you’re pointing at must reverse the action by pointing to his eye and saying, “This is my foot,” before you count to five. If he goofs up, he moves to the middle and takes your place. Continue by having the person in the middle point to a different body part and person.

What You Say:

“Great job with that game! Things got pretty messed up when we went against what we knew was right, didn’t they? [Transition] Well, if you think THAT was a mess, wait’ll you hear what’s up next in Large Group.

Prepare yourself for the world’s biggest mistake ever.” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 What’s My Rule? (application activity / review the Bible story) What You Need: No supplies needed

What You Do:

Quietly give each person a secret “rule” they must obey in the form of a gesture. Here are some suggestions:

scratch head, wink, yawn, bite lip, clear throat, roll eyes, cross arms, tap foot, say “um,” stare at the floor, or rub hands together.

Stand in a circle. Invite kids to share several sentences telling what they remember from the lesson. As they speak, they must casually include their secret gesture at least twice. When finished, let kids guess one another’s “rules.” If a kid’s rule isn’t figured out or not guessed correctly by the others, have the kid perform his gesture as he tells what he thinks the Garden of Eden may have looked like.

What You Say:

“Aren’t you glad you don’t have to guess at what God wants you to do? He doesn’t have secret rules you have to try and figure out. That’s not how God works. He made His ways really clear to Adam and Eve. He makes His ways clear to you as well. Know how? It’s all in the Bible. Everything you need to know and do in order to obey God is all wrapped up in His Word. [Apply] That’s why it’s so important to read the Bible and discover what God has to say. It’s like a super instruction manual for your life! And the One who wrote it made you and loves you. Adam and Eve thought their way was better, so they threw out God’s instructions. That’s when things got messy. The consequences of their disobedience were devastating. God’s way is ALWAYS better—be sure to listen to Him. Learn from Adam and Eve: [Impress] I should trust and obey even when I think my way is better.” Optional 5th Grade Discussion Questions

If you lead fifth graders, consider asking these discussion questions:

 Why is obedience often so hard and disobedience so easy?

 What are some reasons kids disobey their parents, teachers, or other leaders?

 When you go your own way, do you always get what you’re hoping for? How does it make you feel?

 When you think your way is better, what are some positive ways you can go about talking things through with parents or leaders?

 Is there any time that you think of that you should not trust or obey someone, even if they are the adult or authority?

Catch On #2 Marshmallow Moving (application activity / great for active learners) What You Need: Large marshmallows, paper plates

What You Do:

Place a large marshmallow on a paper plate for every two or three kids. Invite groups to work in pairs or trios to brainstorm the best ways to move a large marshmallow across the room without touching the plate or the marshmallow with their hands. Explain that there is only ONE correct way—YOUR way—which you will reveal at the end of the game. Give kids about five minutes to come up with their ideas then let them demonstrate in front of the whole group.

What You Say:

“Congratulations on some marvelous marshmallow moving. I will now reveal the best and most delicious way to move a marshmallow across a room using no hands. Watch and learn. (Lean over the paper plate and pick up the marshmallow with your mouth, chew it with great satisfaction, swallow loudly, and then walk to the other side of the room.) And that, my friends, is how it’s done. (Take a bow.) “If your marshmallow moving method was the same as mine, come join me over here and let’s celebrate by listening to a round of applause from our friends who thought THEIR way was better. (Pause.) Thank you. Thank you very much.

“Our marshmallow moving methods were a fun way to illustrate that we all have different ways of doing things.

(Teasingly) MINE, of course, was by far the best (laugh), but it certainly wasn’t the ONLY way. [Apply] However, when it comes to the way we live our lives, the only right way is ALWAYS God’s way.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what that is. God’s way isn’t always clear at first. You may need to ask for help from others who love God and have followed Him longer. You can always talk to God, look in the

Bible, and think back to lessons you’ve learned here at church. The one thing to remember is this:

[Impress] I should trust and obey even when I think my way is better.” Catch On #3 Upside-Down and Backwards (memory verse activity) What You Need: Bibles, paper (optional), pens (optional), hand mirror (optional)

What You Do:

Look up Hebrews 13:17 using the following navigation tip:

th th Finding verses with 4 -5 graders: Our verse is from Hebrews. Ask kids to tell you whether that’s in the Old Testament or the New Testament. (New.) So we know it’s toward the back of the Bible. It’s about halfway through the New Testament section.

When they find Hebrews, explain that the big numbers on the page are the chapter numbers. Tell them to find chapter 13.

Explain that the small numbers are verse numbers. Tell them to them find verse 17 in chapter 13.

Hebrews 13:17 is fairly straightforward, so ask the kids to share what they think it means and how they can apply it. Who are their leaders at home, church, or school? How do they put themselves under those people’s authority? Maybe their parents have asked them not to watch certain movies or play certain video games their friends play. Or maybe they have a curfew or rules about homework that seem unnecessary.

[Personalize] Include some examples from your own life. Tell the kids how you practice obedience to God in your job, at home, and with those who are your leaders. In what ways do you follow Hebrews 13:17? Illustrate to them that obedience is important no matter how old or young you are—it’s not just for a kid. As you discuss the verse, emphasize the importance of understanding God’s Word in order to apply it to our lives. That’s what obedience is all about.

Challenge the kids to pair up and read Hebrews 13:17 to their partners while holding their Bibles upside-down.

Optional: If time allows, give everyone another challenge. Hand out paper and pens then invite kids to choose one of the sentences from Hebrews 13:17 and then write it out backwards—even the letters should be written backwards. When finished, let them take turns holding their papers in front of a mirror to check them.

What You Say:

“Some of you did better at reading your Bibles upside down (and writing the verses backwards) than others. That ability would definitely come in handy if you spend a lot of time standing on your head or whenever you’re too tired to turn your Bible over. Personally, I prefer to READ the Bible right-side up and KNOW it upside down and backwards. That’s because when you know something ‘upside-down and backwards’ you really, REALLY know it.

“When it comes to God’s Word, you can’t let it simply go into your brain and end in your head. [Apply] It’s not enough to just know it. You have to APPLY it to your life every single day. That’s what obedience is all about—trusting God to lead you by doing what He has asked you to do.

“Reading the Bible upside down isn’t easy, and neither is obeying it. The truth is there will be times when your way sounds a whole lot better than anyone else’s—even God’s. Watch out because that’s a slippery path that most always ends badly. It sure did for Adam and Eve. We’re still paying the price for their disobedience. So, when you’re tempted to go your own way this week, remember: [Impress] I should trust and obey even when I think my way is better.”

–  –  –

Form a circle. Have kids hold their Bibles in one hand and their creations in the other. Remind them that Noah didn’t follow the crowd—he followed his God. To the people around him, it didn’t seem to make any sense to build an ark on dry land without a river in sight. But he followed what God wanted him to do even though it wasn’t what everybody—or ANYBODY—else was doing. Instruct kids to begin passing the Bibles to the left at the same time as they pass their creations to the right as quickly as they can. When kids have their own creations back, ask them to share some things they think Noah had to face from the unbelieving people.

What You Say:

“Like in this game, obedience to God’s Word may often take you in the opposite direction of everyone else.

That’s not a bad thing. God will use your obedience in good ways and may even open up greater opportunities later. [Apply] So don’t decide whether you’ll obey this week based on what everybody else is doing. If you’re the ONLY one not cheating on a test or lying to your parents, that’s not a bad thing. If you’re the ONLY one who doesn’t swear or make fun of other kids, that’s not a bad thing either. Just ask Noah. He knew what it meant to live right in a world gone wrong. The words would’ve sounded different back in Noah’s day, but I’m sure he often said, [Impress] ‘I should trust and obey even when others don’t.’” Catch On #2 Going Against the Grain (application activity / great for active learners) What You Need: newspaper or facial tissues

What You Do:

Give everyone a facial tissue or a page from a newspaper. Ask kids to tear it slowly from top to bottom. Then have them tear it the other direction (side to side). Ask them to look at the tears. One direction will have a reasonably smooth and straight tear, but the other direction will be jagged and irregular. Explain that newspaper or tissue has a “grain” in it—a direction in which the fibers are lined up. If you tear in line with these fibers (“with the grain”), the tear is straight. If you tear across them (“against the grain”), the tear is rough and jagged.

Optional 5th Grade Discussion Questions

If you lead fifth graders, consider asking these discussion questions:

 How are obedience and disobedience like going with and against the grain?

 When is it hard to obey or go against the grain when others are doing something else?

 Why is it easier to do what everyone else is doing? What happens if you don’t?

 Tell us about a time when you felt a bit like Noah did when he built the ark and all the people thought he was crazy.

What You Say:

“Today’s Bottom Line is: [Impress] I should trust and obey even when others don’t. [Personalize] (Share an age-appropriate story about a time you followed the crowd and another time when you went against the grain. What was easy or hard about it? What was good or bad?) One of the amazing things about Noah is that he did EXACTLY what God asked him to do—even when everyone else wasn’t. That’s not easy. Ask God for help. Doing the right thing when everyone around you is doing the wrong thing takes God’s help. But here’s the coolest part—even though Noah lived a long time ago, [Apply] God’s power is still the same. Just like God gave Noah the strength to do what was right, He will also give you strength if you ask Him. You can do the right thing, too, even when it feels like you’re the only one.” Catch On #3 Walk On (memory verse activity / great for active learners) What You Need: Bibles

What You Do:

Look up Hebrews 13:17. Refer to the navigation tip from last week if kids need help locating the verse. When everyone has found it, read it together.

Then pair kids up. Have partners stand back-to-back and link arms. Ask them to come up with two different ways they can most easily move as a unit to get to the other side of the room. Have them try one method going down and the other method coming back. In the end they should discover that the best ways are to walk either sideways or with one person walking forward and the person walking backward.

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