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«2nd & 3rd Grade Week 1, March 3 Would We Lie to You? Bible Story: Would We Lie to You? (Joseph’s brothers lie to Jacob) • Genesis 37:17-36; ...»

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2nd & 3rd Grade Week 1, March 3

Would We Lie to You?

Bible Story: Would We Lie to You? (Joseph’s brothers lie to Jacob) • Genesis 37:17-36; 45:25-28

Bottom Line: When you are not truthful, you can hurt the people you care about.

Memory Verse: “An honest person has respect for the Lord.” Proverbs 14:2a, NIrV

Life App: Honesty—choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Early Arriver Activity (8:45 or 10:30) What You Need: an offering container

What You Do:

Pass offering container around while you ask the kids if they have ever gotten in trouble for lying. How did it feel? How did the other person feel when they found out that they were lied to and how did you feel about lying when you got away with it? [Personalize] Share a time—when you were a kid— when you lied and got caught. Tell the kids if anyone was hurt in the process and how it made both of you feel.

Plug In (9:00 or 10:45) Would You Rather …?

What You Need: no supplies needed

What You Do:

Point to a door, window or chair in the room. Tell kids you’re going to give them a list of choices. What would they rather do? Ask the kids if they would rather tell a lie or: get stung by a bee; chased by an elephant; licked by a gorilla. If they’d rather tell a lie than do the other thing, they should run to the spot you pointed to and tell the group why they’d rather tell a lie over the other option.

Play again with more realistic choices. Would you rather lie or: get grounded for lying; be embarrassed in front of your friends; have to admit you were wrong; confess that you were to blame.

What You Say:

“Being in a position of lying or picking another hard choice is not easy. Sometimes we lie to avoid something, but we end up hurting someone else. [Transition] Today in Large Group, we will hear about some brothers who told a whopper of a lie to their dad.” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Trail of Lies (application activity / review the Bible story) What You Need: “Trail of Lies” (Activity Page), pencils

What You Do:

Give each kid an Activity Page and a pencil. Tell them that each of the symbols represents a different part of the story. Work with the kids to track the story by drawing an arrow from one symbol to the next.

Ask them where the starting point might be. (At the 12 brothers) Instruct kids to write “Start Here” next to the “12 x stick figures” symbol. As you move through the story, ask leading questions to prompt kids to retell the story themselves. If they get really stuck, you can give them the answers, but try to let them do the retelling themselves.

What You Say:

“Look at how that story that lasted for years before the truth was told. The brothers had to live knowing they had lied and hurt their father for many years. Poor Jacob grieved the death of Joseph for years and years when it wasn’t even true. [Apply] It is so important to stop and think when you are tempted to lie, because [Impress] when you are not truthful, you can hurt the people you care about. Think and remind yourself that [Recycle] I should treat others the way I want to be treated.” Catch On #2 Take 2 (application activity / great for boys) What You Need: bell or noise maker

What You Do:

Divide kids into groups of two to three kids. Letting the groups take turns, whisper-read a situation (from below) to each group to act out. The group will act each scenario out twice. The first time, they should act out what NOT to do in the situation. As soon as they do, ring the bell or noisemaker. Everyone should jump up and yell, “Take 2,” clapping their arms together like a Hollywood movie clapboard. Kids will then act out the situation again, but this time they tell the truth. You may want to have a practice round first.


1. You borrow a friend’s pencil off their desk without him knowing and you break it. You put it back without your friend noticing it was gone. He discovers the broken pencil and asks you if you know what happened.

2. You are with a bunch of friends. One friend tells a joke and you don’t get it. You laugh really hard so nobody knows you don’t get it. But you laugh way too hard. The joke just wasn’t that funny.

Your friend suspects you didn’t get it and asks you to explain the joke.

3. You forget your school library book for the third week in row. You know you will miss recess if your teacher discovers you don’t have it. What do you say when your teacher asks you where your book is?

4. You have a babysitter this afternoon and you promised your mom you would walk the dog after school. Instead you watched TV. When your mom gets home, she asked you if you walked the dog.

5. You and your sister were chasing each other and got mud all over the carpet. Your dad asked what happened.

6. A kid in your class stole a pen off your teacher’s desk. What do you do when the teacher asks does anyone know what happened to her pen?

What You Say:

“That was a fun way to practice being honest. [Apply] It’s important to practice being honest so that we get better and better at it, because [Impress] when you are not truthful, you can hurt the people you care about. Sometimes we are tempted to lie when we don’t want to get in trouble, or when we might be embarrassed. But it doesn’t feel good to be lied to. So when you’re tempted to lie, always remember: [Impress] when you are not truthful, you can hurt the people you care about.” Catch On #3 Partner Hangman (memory verse activity) What You Need: Bibles, “Partner Hangman” (Activity Page), blank paper, pencils

What You Do:

Divide kids up into pairs. Give each kid and blank sheet of paper and half of the memory verse, making sure that the partners together have a full set. (i.e., if one partner has the first half, the other partner should have the second half. No two partners should both have the first half or both have the second half.) Instruct kids to create sets of blanks using the half page of the memory verse. They should draw blanks for each letter of the memory verse section they have, making sure there are enough blanks for each letter and enough space between words to make the finished product legible.

After kids have drawn their blanks, give them time to play a game of hangman with their partner. For the first round, one partner will write the letters down in the blanks as the other partner guesses them correctly. Once all the blanks are filled in on each half, the kids put their two halves together to see the whole verse. When everyone is finished, then look up the verse in the Bible and discuss it as a group.

nd rd Finding verses with 2 and 3 graders: Guide kids to open their Bibles to the front and find the table of contents. (Hold up a Bible opened to the table of contents to show the kids what the page looks like.) When the kids find the table of contents, lead them to find Proverbs in the list under “Old Testament.” When the kids find Proverbs, lead them to look at the page number beside the word. Explain that the number tells them on what page they can find Proverbs. Help the kids find the page. When they find Proverbs, explain that the big numbers on the page are the chapter numbers. Help them find chapter 14. Explain that the small numbers are verse numbers. Help them find and read the first part of verse 2 in chapter 14.

What You Say:

“Nice guessing! You figured the verse out really quickly. What do you think this verse means? (Pause for responses.) Yes, when we’re honest it shows God respect because He is honest and wants us to be like Him. Do you think being dishonest is disrespectful? (Pause for responses.) You’re right; it is disrespectful and hurtful. We saw today how Jacob’s sons disrespected God and Jacob and how hurtful that was. [Impress] When you are not truthful, you can hurt the people you care about. [Apply] That is why it is so important to be honest and truthful in all you say and do.”


2nd & 3rd Grade Week 2, March 10 I’ve Got Truth Under My Skin Bible Story: I’ve Got Truth Under My Skin (Naaman and Elisha’s servant, Gehazi) • 2 Kings 5 Bottom Line: When you are not truthful, you lose trust.

Memory Verse: “An honest person has respect for the Lord.” Proverbs 14:2a, NIrV Life App: Honesty—choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

Basic Truth: I need to make the wise choice.

Early Arriver Activity (8:45 or 10:30) What You Need: an offering container

What You Do:

Pass offering container around while discussing situations when it’s hard to believe someone who exaggerates all the time. What is the biggest exaggeration you have ever told? Is it hard to believe someone if you know they have lied to you in the past? What could they do to make you trust them again?

Plug In (9:00 or 10:45) What a Whopper!

What You Need: no supplies needed

What You Do:

Begin telling a whopper of an exaggerated story; “I once found a duck that granted wishes …” Kids each add to it making it more outrageous and harder to believe as each person adds their part. Each kid adds one new thing and then you wrap up the story at the end.

What You Say:

“Wow! That story got crazier and crazier. It got harder and harder to believe. [Transition] Today in Large Group, we will hear about a guy who told a whopper of a lie that was hard to believe.” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Naaman, the Opera (application activity / review the Bible story) What You Need: “Opera Line Cards” (Activity Page), blank paper, crayons or markers

What You Do:

The story will be retold using an abbreviated version of the Storyteller’s script from Large Group. Let kids divide into partners and work together to draw a part of the story using stickmen. Give each pair an “Opera Line Card” and blank sheet of paper, and allow the group some time to draw their part of the story. After everyone has finished drawing, read the story and when it comes to each pair’s part, they will show their picture and one or both of them will “sing” the “Opera” response. Encourage them to have fun and be silly when they sing.

Leader: (In a deep, narrator-style voice) “Today’s story is from the Bible, from the book of Second Kings, chapter five. Naaman commanded the army of the king of Aram. He had a fine house and clothes, and he was a very important man, but one day, he became ill with a leprous rash on his skin, a condition for which there was no cure. However, one of his servant girls came from Israel. She suggested that Naaman go to the Prophet Elisha for help. So, Naaman leapt into his chariot, and with a short detour to see the King of Israel, finally came to the home of Elisha.” Picture and opera line #1: “Knock. Knock. Is anyone in? I have a condition on my skin!” Leader: “But Elisha didn’t even come out to greet this great man! He sent out a messenger instead to deliver his instructions.” Picture and opera line #2: “Go wash yourself in the Jordan River seven times. Then your skin will be healed and look just like mine!” Leader: “But Naaman was furious. He left Elisha’s home, enraged. He said, (2 Kings 5:11b) ‘I was sure he would come out to me. I thought he would stand there and pray to the Lord his God. I thought he would wave his hand over my skin. Then I would be healed.’” Picture and opera line #3: “What about the other rivers, so pristine? Couldn’t I wash in them and be made clean? Elisha, you have seen the last of me!” Leader: “So, Naaman turned and went away, burning with anger. But thanks to some convincing on the part of his servants, Naaman decided to give the Jordan River bath a try. He followed Elisha’s instructions, and lo and behold, he was healed!” Picture and opera line #4: “‘I’m healed! I’m healed! My skin has been revealed! I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed!’” Leader: “Naaman went back to Elisha’s house, and this time he stood in front of Elisha. He said, (2 Kings 5:15b) ‘Now I know that there is no God anywhere in the whole world except in Israel. Please accept a gift from me. The prophet answered, (2 Kings 5:16b) ‘I serve the Lord. You can be sure that he lives. And you can be just as sure that I won’t accept a gift from you.’ Even though Naaman begged him to take it, Elisha wouldn’t. So Naaman left, without giving any gifts to Elisha or his household. Naaman may have been disappointed, but there was someone else much, much more upset with Elisha’s refusal of Naaman’s gifts—his servant Gehazi.” Picture and opera line #5: “My master was too easy on Naaman. He should have taken the gift, That’s it! I’m going after him!” Leader: “And that’s exactly what Gehazi did. He took off after Naaman and his servants. Naaman was concerned when he saw Gehazi and asked if everything was okay.” Picture and opera line #6: “My master sent me with a message to tell. Unexpected guests have arrived and your gifts would be divine. Is it too late to change our minds?” Leader: “Naaman was thrilled to hear that Elisha had changed his mind, or so Naaman thought. Naaman even gave Gehazi more than he asked for, and he sent his servants back with Gehazi to help him carry the load.

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