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«4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, November 3 Multiple Choice Bible Story: Multiple Choice (Solomon chooses wisdom and judges wisely; choose wisdom) ...»

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4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, November 3

Multiple Choice

Bible Story: Multiple Choice (Solomon chooses wisdom and judges wisely; choose wisdom) •

1 Kings 3:4-15 & 16-28; Proverbs 8:10-11

Bottom Line: God wants to give you wisdom.

Memory Verse: “Choose my teaching instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold.” Proverbs

8:10, NIV

Life App: Wisdom—finding out what you should do and doing it.

Basic Truth: I can make the wise choice.

Early Arriver Activity (8:45) (10:30) (5:45) What You Need: Offering container, scrap paper, pencils

What You Do:

Ask kids to name the best gift they have ever gotten. What are some gifts they can give people that cost only a little or no money at all? Ask kids to write their ideas on a scrap of paper. When complete, put the papers in a pile and let each kid draw out one idea and act it out for the group. Others can guess what gift they are giving.

Invite kids to put their offerings in the offering container.

What You Say:

“We like a lot of material things, but there are some gifts we can give that cost nothing. (List some examples of gifts they suggested, or suggest a smile, a favor, or helping someone with a chore or with their schoolwork.) Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that cost nothing.” Plug In (9:00) (10:45) (6:00) Good Gifts!

What You Need: No supplies necessary

What You Do:

Invite kids to pair up and practice acting out giving each other a good gift. (You can choose whether they are allowed to use words.) The actions of both the giver and the receiver should make clear what the good gift is.

When they are ready, ask each pair to demonstrate for the other kids in your group, letting them shout out what they think the gift is. Allow time for each pair to take a turn.

What You Say:

“Good job guessing about those gifts! [Transition] Let’s go to Large Group and learn about something God likes to give us!” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Finding Wisdom (application activity / review the Bible story) What You Need: “Finding Wisdom” (Activity Page), trash container, tape

What You Do:

Review the Bible story by asking the following questions:

 What had Solomon been doing when God asked him what he wanted? (Offering sacrifices to God)  Why did Solomon ask for wisdom? What washe concerned about? (He wanted to be a good king and follow in his father’s footsteps)  How did God feel about what Solomon asked for? (He was pleased)  What was the bonus? (Riches and honor)  What would you ask for if God told you that you could have anything you wanted? (If time permits, take a group vote on the most popular request.) Tell the kids that you have hidden slips of paper around the room. They should work to find them. When they have found them all, discuss whether each one is a good idea for getting wisdom or a bad idea. The bad ones should be thrown into the trash container. The good ones should be taped to the wall.

What You Say:

“There are good ways and bad ways to find wisdom, aren’t there? What makes all of these ways you chose good ways? (Pause.) How do you know if you are looking for wisdom in the right place? (Pause.) [Personalize] (Tell kids about a difficult situation in which you had to ask God to give you wisdom. What happened? Were you able to make a good decision?) [Apply] God is the source of all wisdom. All wisdom begins with Him, so He is always your safest bet when you are looking for wisdom. Knowing His Word and praying are two of the best ways you will ever find wisdom. And you know what the best thing about it is?

[Impress] God wants to give you wisdom, so you don’t have to be afraid to ask.” Catch On #2 Steps to Wisdom (application activity / great for active learners) What You Need: “Steps to Wisdom” (Activity Page), tear sheet, markers

What You Do:

Invite kids to think about situations in which they would need wisdom. Prompt them with ideas such as: at school, online, managing your time, dealing with friends, with your parents and brothers and sisters, etc. Write all of their good ideas on the large paper. Then break your group into teams of three to five kids. Ask each team to think about the ideas they brainstormed and then make a plan for how to make a wise decision. The plan should include big and small steps. Ask them to write the big steps to making a wise decision on the big paper stones, medium-sized steps on the medium stones, and the small steps on the small stones. You may help them if they

get stuck by asking some of the following questions:

 Who/where do you go when you have to make a decision about something?

 How do you process what you are considering? Do you write it down or pray about it or discuss with other people?

 Since God is the source of all wisdom, how do you involve Him in your process of finding wisdom?

 How do you know when you’ve made a good decision?

The answers to these questions should help them make their plans. When teams are finished with their steps, ask them to lay them out on the floor. With your whole group together, use their ideas to walk through making a decision about several of the ideas you brainstormed. (For example, how do you use these steps to make a decision about whether to go to your friend’s birthday party or visit another friend who is in the hospital? How do you use these steps to determine if you should log into a particular website?) As they consider their decisions, ask them to literally walk on each stone, considering each one as they go.

What You Say:

“Making a wise decision isn’t always something you do quickly or easily. Sometimes it is. Sometimes things are just clearly right or wrong. Other times, though, you have to really think about it. You did great making plans for how someone your age can make a wise decision. Do you think you’ll use the plan? [Apply] When you aren’t sure about what step to take, the best choice is always to ask God, and this can be done quickly and easily! If your friends are arguing and wanting you to take sides, or if you have a choice between several good options, it is always wisest to make God the focus of your decision making. [Impress] God wants to give you wisdom, so you are wise to go to Him to get it! No choice is too big or small to ask for His help.” Catch On #3 More than Silver and Gold (memory verse activity) What You Need: Bibles, stones, Rub n Buff®, cleaning wipes

What You Do:

Help kids find this month’s verse, using the following tips.

th th Finding verses with 4 -5 graders: Tell kids that the verse is from Proverbs. Ask them to tell you whether that’s in the Old Testament or the New Testament. (Old) Explain that Proverbs is near the middle of the Bible. Instruct kids to open their Bibles in half. They will likely end up in Psalms or Proverbs. If they hit Psalms, they should turn a little bit toward the back of the Bible, to the very next book. When they find Proverbs, explain that the big numbers on the page are the chapter numbers. Tell them to find chapter 8. Explain that the small numbers are verse numbers. Tell them to them find verse 10 in chapter 8.

Ask a volunteer to read the verse aloud. Say it together several times.

Give each kid in your group a stone. Then put a tiny drop of Rub n Buff® on the tip of each kid’s finger. Instruct them to rub it on one side of the stone. Next, they will use another finger to use the other color on the other side of the stone. So each kid has a stone that is gold on one side and silver on the other. (While they are doing this, make one completely silver stone and one completely gold stone for yourself. Keep these, as you will need them next week.) Allow each kid to buff his or her rock with a soft rag to make it shiny. Give them some wipes to clean their fingers when they’re done.

What You Say:

“A lot of people pray before they go to sleep. This is good, but this isn’t usually when we need wisdom. [Apply] We are supposed to be searching for God’s wisdom like someone would search for silver and gold if they knew it was there for the taking. We should be looking for iteverywhere and all the time! God is always there, and [Impress] God wants to give you wisdom. Pray continually to become wiser. In fact, we are going to begin to do that together in just a minute.” Optional 5th Grade Discussion Questions

If you lead fifth graders, consider asking these discussion questions:

 Do you think a person could really want wisdom more than silver or gold? What could make wisdom so much better than things that make you rich? (Possible answers include anything that says wisdom helps you live a better life and that, without wisdom, being rich can be more of a danger than a benefit.)  Who do you know that is really wise? Do you go to that person for help? How do you know when someone is wise? (Answers might include that you can recognize a wise person by the fruit of the Spirit, evident in their life. It is also possible that wise people do not talk much, and you might not know someone is wise until you really get to know them and see what their lives are like. How someone lives life can show how much wisdom they have.)  Why might it be so important to look for wisdom when you are young? (Answers might include helping you grow up better, keeping you out of trouble, setting you on the right path for the rest of your life, etc.) 4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 2, November 10 Smart Mouth Bible Story: Smart Mouth (choose your words carefully) • Proverbs 12:18 Bottom Line: If you want to be wise, think before you speak.

Memory Verse: “Choose my teaching instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold.” Proverbs 8:10, NIV Life App: Wisdom—finding out what you should do and doing it.

Basic Truth: I need to make the wise choice.

Early Arriver Activity (8:45) (10:30) (5:45) What You Need: Offering container, dictionary (optional)

What You Do:

Yell out, “Pop rocks!” as each kid walks in. When they ask what you are talking about, ask if they have their reminder to seek wisdom in their pocket. Keep a tally of how many of the kids in your group have been carrying the rocks around with them. Next, say the multi-syllabic adjectives below and ask kids to guess (or vote on) whether it would be a compliment or an insult for someone to use this word about you.

 Disingenuous (insult)  Stupendous (compliment)  Highfalutin’ (insult)  Pretentious (insult)  Capricious (insult)  Pulchritudinous (compliment)  Congenial (compliment) Optional: Let kids look the words up in a dictionary after they’ve guessed or voted on each one.

What You Say:

“All words carry meaning, even the ones we don’t understand. What do you think using words might have to do with wisdom?” Plug In (9:00) (10:45) (6:00) Picture This What You Need: white boards, markers

What You Do:

Divide your group into two teams. Invite a kid from the first team up and give him a word he must draw (see list below). Only his team members can guess the word. Keep score of which team guesses the most words before it is time to go to Large Group. Add your own words if you like and if time allows.

 Treasure map  Buried treasure  Pirates  Geocache  Wisdom  Solomon  Small Group Leader

What You Say:

“Sometimes it’s hard to communicate without words, isn’t it? Words are important. [Transition] Let’s go to Large Group and learn about the importance of the words we use.” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Don’t Say It! (application activity / review the Bible story) What You Need: “Game Cards” (Activity Page)

What You Do:

Divide your group into pairs. Give each pair a set of game cards and ask pairs not to sit too close to each other (as they will have identical game cards). Make sure all of the kids keep their cards facedown without looking at them until it’s time to use the cards. Ask them to choose one person in the pair to be the “giver,” and the other will be the “receiver.” The giver will draw a card and try to get the receiver to guess the word on his card without saying any form of that word. He also may not use the words listed on the card. So, for example, if the word is “ice cream,” and the words “cold, delicious, sugar” are written on the bottom, the child could say, “This is a treat that is chilly and tasty, and kids love to eat it.” But he may not say, “This is a creamy, cold treat.” Let them have a couple practice rounds, and then see which team guesses the most words.

What You Say:

“Good job with those clues, everybody. Who thinks they got the most right? (Take a count and declare a winner.) Was it difficult to get your partner to guess the word without being able to say the other words on the cards?

(Allow a minute for discussion.) [Apply] It’s difficult to be careful with your words. They come so easily out of our mouths! But words have power, so we have to constantly measure what we say, thinking about how our words will affect others. Words have the power to hurt, and the power to heal. It all depends on how we use them. [Personalize] (Tell a story about a time someone helped you with their kind words or a time you were able to help someone.) In what ways can we remind ourselves to be careful with our words? What role does practice play in being careful with your words? (Allow some time for answers.) Even though it’s hard to think about our words before we speak them, it’s something we must do, right? [Impress] If you want to be wise, think before you speak. And when you do, you might find that people feel better about being around you!” Optional 5th Grade Discussion Questions

If you lead fifth graders, consider asking these discussion questions:

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