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«4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, November 2 Thank You x Infinity Bible Story: Thank You x Infinity (Give thanks all the time) • 1 Thessalonians ...»

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4th & Girls, 4th & 5th Boys Week 1, November 2

Thank You x Infinity

Bible Story: Thank You x Infinity (Give thanks all the time) • 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Bottom Line: You always have something to be grateful for.

Memory Verse: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV

Life App: Gratitude—letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.

Basic Truth: I can trust God no matter what.

Early Arriver Activity (8:45) (10:30) (5:45) What You Need: Offering container, 1-2 board games or card games

What You Do:

Invite kids to put their offerings in the offering container as they arrive. Play the game(s) with the kids as you wait to start the Plug In activity or to go to Large Group. As you’re playing the games, ask the kids how their week has been. Ask them to share things for which they are particularly thankful.

Plug In (9:00) (10:45) (6:00) Game On!

What You Need: White board and markers, a timer

What You Do:

Hand out a white board to each kid. Ask them to make individual lists of their favorite games to play. Ask them to write down as many as they can. You can give them a time limit (1-2 minutes). See how many games they can write down before time is up. Then, go through the lists as a group. Similar to the game Scattergories®, if there are any duplicates, kids should mark those off of their lists. The person with the most games remaining on their list is the winner!

What You Say:

“That was a fun game! I love playing games. [Transition] Let’s go to Large Group to see what games have to do with what we are learning today!” Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Head Games (application activity / great for active learners) What You Need: Address labels or sticky notes, pencils or markers, paper bag or container

What You Do:

Give each kid four labels (with backing still attached) and a marker. Tell kids to answer the following questions with one-word answers and to make sure no one sees their answer. Have them give you their labels after each question and put the labels in the bag or container.

 Write an object you are grateful for.

 Write a skill you are grateful for.

 Write a person you are grateful for (should be a “category,” such as teacher, mailman, etc.).

 Write a place you are grateful for.

Mix the labels in the bag. Then stick a label on each kid’s forehead. Do not let them see what word is on their label. The object of the game is for each kid to discover what is on his or her label by asking yes or no questions of the other students. They can’t ask the same person two questions in a row. Play a couple of times.

What You Say:

“Wow! You came up with a lot of things to be grateful for. It is so important to remember no matter what, [Impress] we always have something to be grateful for; it can be a person God put in our life, a skill or talent God gave us, or a place where you feel at home. [Apply] God gives us so much and His greatest gift to us is Jesus and when Jesus is in our life, we ALWAYS have something to be grateful for.” Catch On #2 Time Out! What Do You See? (application activity / review the Bible story) What You Need: “Optical Illusion Images” Activity Pages, “Gray Dot” Activity Pages

What You Do:

Give each kid an “Optical Illusion Images” page. Ask the kids what they see; remind them to look very closely so they are sure to see everything. Let them confer with each other about what they see first. Different people see different images first. (The top image is both a duck and a rabbit. The bottom is the word “me” with the word “you” inside it.)

What You Say:

“I really like this picture of the word ‘me.’ At first, when I looked at it, all I saw was the word ‘me,’ but when I looked closer, I saw ‘you.’ [Apply] Showing gratitude helps turn your focus from being me-focused to being you-focused; gratitude is letting OTHERS know you see how they’ve helped you. [Make it Personal] (Share a story when you noticed someone helping you and what you did to show gratitude.) (Give each kid a “Gray Dot” Activity Page. Tell them to stare at the black dot in the center of the page and tell you what happens.) “Jesus is like the dot in the middle. No matter what is going on in your life, Jesus will stay.

Everything else can fade away, but Jesus will never fade away. He is ALWAYS there and [Impress] you always have something to be grateful for—JESUS! Jesus wants to be with you now and forever and you can always be thankful for that!

“As you looked at the illusions you saw one thing, but when you looked closer you saw something else. That is how it is with gratitude. Remember our verse from today, 1 Thessalonians 5:18. ‘Give thanks no matter what happens.’ Maybe things are going badly or you are frustrated with a situation and you have to look very close to find something to be grateful for. You have to look at the situation differently, and when you do, you can always find something to be grateful for.”

–  –  –

What You Say:

“You guys did a great job remembering the story. How amazing that must have been for the 10 men—to be isolated and sick and suddenly—BAM!—they were healed. Wonderful things happen all the time and sometimes we forget to say thank you for them. Sure, being cured from a sickness is a BIG kind of wonderful, but what about the small things? Maybe you are so nervous about a spelling test and you ask God to help you and— BAM!—you find out you got an A on it. Do you remember to thank God? Or you are so hungry after school, and you walk in the door and—BAM!—your mom has a delicious snack awaiting you. Do you remember to thank your mom? Or you want to go to the movies and—BAM!—your older sister offers to drive you to the theater. Do you remember to thank her?

“It isn’t that we aren’t grateful, it is just sometimes life is busy or we just forget to say thank you. [Apply] This week, let’s try to be like the one man who took the time to run back to Jesus to say thank you; let’s remember to [Impress] take time to say thank you.” 5-6 Challenge: Once you’ve divided up the kids into teams, have each team look up how Jesus healed the 10 Lepers in Luke 17:11-19. Instruct each team to write their own set of eight review questions about the Bible story. They can try to stump the other team while reviewing the Bible story at the same time.

Catch On #2 Say Thanks (application activity) What You Need: Bibles

What You Do:

Lead the kids in a Scripture search by doing a “Race to the Verse.” Challenge the kids to locate the following verses, one at a time, as quickly as they can. Let the winner of each verse read it aloud. (Verses below are from NIrV.)  Philippians 1:3 (I thank my God every time I remember you.)  1 Corinthians 1:4 (I always thank God for you. I thank him because of the grace he has given to you who belong to Christ Jesus.)  Ephesians 5:20 (Always give thanks to God the Father for everything. Give thanks to him in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.)  Psalm 136:1 (Give thanks to the LORD, because he is good. His faithful love continues forever.)  Colossians 3:17 (Do everything you say or do in the name of the Lord Jesus. Always give thanks to God the Father through Christ.)  Colossians 3:15 (Let the peace that Christ gives rule in your hearts. As parts of one body, you were appointed to live in peace. And be thankful.)  1 Thessalonians 5:18 (Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank him because you believe in Christ Jesus.)

What You Say:

“The Bible has a lot to say about how we should [Impress] take time to say thank you. [Apply] When someone has helped you, don’t hesitate to show them gratitude and take time to thank them whether it is with a phone call, a text message, or a note. And remember to take time to thank God for all the incredible people He has put in your life.”

If you lead older kids, consider asking these discussion questions:

 Talk about the last time you told someone thank you. What did they do? How did you say thanks?

 What are other ways people have helped you?

 What gets in your way to remember to take time to thank the people who help you?

 What can you do to help remind yourself to get in the habit of taking time to thank others?

–  –  –

5-6 Challenge: Give each child a sheet of paper with a different theme written at the top. Have them start the drawing that is listed on their sheet. Then have the kids pass their papers to the left or right, or three people to the left, etc. Do this until the drawings look like they are nearing completion. Close with a discussion about the activity: “What were you thinking when you had to pass your drawing to another person? How many of you had one idea what our creation would look like and when it was your turn to draw, you had to adjust your idea and draw something different?” Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Prayer Time After large group, gather children in their small groups. Lead them in prayer focusing on “The Bottom Line.” Catch On #1 Fair or Unfair? (application activity / great for active learners / possible large-group activity) What You Need: “FAIR” and “UNFAIR” butcher papers, tape

What You Do:

Tape or place the “FAIR” paper on one side of your space and the “UNFAIR” paper on the opposite side. Have the kids line up parallel to the signs, in the middle between the sides. Read the following situations and the kids will determine if the situation is “Fair” or “Unfair.” Once they’ve made a decision each time, they should take a giant step toward the side they think it is. After all the kids are standing at the “Fair” or “Unfair” sides, ask the kids to share ways they could adjust their attitude to be grateful even if the situation they are in seems unfair.

 Your parents give you ice cream after dinner and you notice your sister has more ice cream in her bowl than you. Fair or Unfair?

o “I can definitely see how that is unfair. How can you adjust your attitude to be grateful instead of miserable? And no, you can’t steal some of your sister’s ice cream when she isn’t looking.” (Be thankful you have some ice cream, maybe you notice it is your favorite flavor, thank your parents for the treat and gobble it up.)  You study really hard for your spelling test and you get an A. Fair or Unfair?

 Your friend doesn’t study at all for the spelling test and gets an A. Fair or Unfair?

o (This is a great opportunity to discuss the danger of comparing what you have and don’t have with others. You studied and got the A you deserved, just like the workers who were hired first received the payment they deserved. Don’t let comparing your life to others steal the peace you could have knowing God has given you what you need; and you might need to take time and adjust your attitude and accept that what you do and don’t need just might not be the same things other people in your life need.)  Your parents say you have to go to bed early because you have a soccer game in the morning but you aren’t even tired. Fair or Unfair?

o “I can definitely see how you could answer this either way. How can you adjust your attitude to be grateful instead of miserable?” (Be thankful you can play soccer, be thankful your parents care about you, think about how fun the soccer game will be.)  You are going to a friend’s house to hang out, but first you have to go to the grocery store with your mom and it is taking FOREVER! She keeps running into people she knows and stops to talk to them! At this rate, you will NEVER get to your friend’s house. Fair or Unfair?

 You are going to a friend’s for a sleepover. Everyone is bringing their iPad®, but your mom won’t let you bring yours. Fair or Unfair? How can you adjust your attitude to be grateful instead of miserable? (Be thankful you have an iPad®, challenge your friends to have an electronic-free night and come up with creative ways to hang out together and stay entertained.)

What You Say:

“There is a lot in life that is not fair, but what is really important is how you handle situations that you think are not fair. When you [Impress] take time to adjust your attitude, [Apply] when you take time to be grateful even in unfair situations, you are showing others you can trust God to take care of you no matter what.” Catch On #2 Vineyard Verse Relay (memory verse activity / optional large group activity) What You Need: Piece of yarn or twine, a set of the “Vineyard Verse Cards” (Activity Page), tape

What You Do:

Each team has a piece of yarn or a “vine.” The teams form a line at one end of the room. The Small Group Leaders will spread a set of “Vineyard Verse Cards” face down across the playing area from each team. The first player from each team races down and flips one card over. If they think the phrase is part of the memory verse, they take the card back to their team and put it on the “vine.” If the phrase is not part of the memory verse, they flip the card back over and return back to their team empty handed. When a kid returns to the team, then the next kid in line races down to the cards, and the relay continues until the team has collected all the correct phrases. The first team to have the verse attached to their “vine” in the correct order wins.

What You Say:

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