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Books, abstracts, thesis. Free e-library

    Books, abstracts, thesis. Free e-library.

  1. «IBM T.J. Watson Research Center P.O. Box 704, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, U.S.A. Abstract. There are many algorithms for concurrent garbage ...»
  2. «Power to you. Inhalt 1. Willkommen 3 2. Installation 4 2.1 Embedded Notebook 4 2.2 Vodafone Mobile Connect Card 5 2.3 Vodafone Mobile Connect USB ...»
  3. «Comments welcome. April 14, 2003 Abstract Theoretical models predict that overconfident investors will trade more than rational investors. We ...»
  4. «October 6, 2004 Abstract Theoretical models predict that overconfident investors will trade more than rational investors. We directly test this ...»
  5. «Longwood University Revised July 2014 Contents Preface The Thesis and Its Requirements The Thesis Committee Thesis Process Appendix A: Timeline ...»
  6. «A Thesis Presented to The Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Reed College In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree ...»
  7. «With A Measure Of Grace President any people that able advance services, ahead managing contacts. And while you are with hand with every busy ...»
  8. «Hans-J¨rgen Bandelt u Fakult¨t f¨r Mathematik, Informatik und Naturwissenschaften, au Universit¨t Hamburg, Bundesstr. 55, D-20146 Hamburg, ...»
  9. «Global Oil Markets and India’s Vulnerability to Oil Shocks Anmol Soni March 2014 Acknowledgements This paper was written as part of a project ...»
  10. «(Anlage zur Mitteilung der Kommission über das dritte Paket legislativer Maßnahmen zur Förderung der Seeverkehrssicherheit in der Europäischen ...»
  11. «Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Tax Incentives Alexander Klemm and Stefan Van Parys © 2009 International Monetary Fund WP/09/136 IMF Working ...»
  12. «A Barrel of Oil or a Bottle of Wine: How Do Global Growth Dynamics Affect Commodity Prices? Serhan Cevik and Tahsin Saadi Sedik © 2010 International ...»
  13. «Working Paper 111 E u rop e a n Financial Market I n t e g r at i on i n t h e G r ü n d e r boom and Gründerkrach: Evidence f rom E u rop e a n C ...»
  15. «Michael Kuhndt Christa Liedtke unter Mitarbeit der AG Zukunftsfähige Unternehmen Die COMPASS-Methodik Wuppertal Papers COMPAnies and Sectors path to ...»
  16. «Oxford Institute for Energy Studies WPM 32 March 2007 The contents of this paper are the sole responsibility of the author. They do not necessarily ...»
  17. «Bassam Fattouh Centre for Financial and Management Studies, SOAS and Oxford Institute for Energy Studies January 2008 The contents of this paper are ...»
  18. «ALLISON WU Abstract. Stefan Banach and Alfred Tarski introduced the phrase: “a pea can be chopped up and reassembled into the Sun,” a seemingly ...»
  19. «Abstract In this paper, focusing on the relevance-theoretic view of cognition, I discuss the idea that what is communicated through an utterance is ...»
  20. «- Evidence from Anti-Bribery Regulation Stefan Zeume* This Version: September 6, 2013 Abstract I exploit the unexpected passage of the UK Bribery Act ...»
  21. «Study information Study programme Master of Information Science and Cultural Communication Level ❍ BA ❍ BA elective ❍ KA ❍ MA elective ❍ ...»
  22. «I. Zusammenfassung 6 II. Bestandsaufnahme der Daten- und Faktenlage 12 1. Zuwanderung aus den EU-Mitgliedstaaten nach Deutschland 12 1.1. Wanderungen ...»
  24. «v. H A S E & K O E H L E R V E R L A G M A I N Z UNGARN-JAHRBUCH Z e i t s c h r i f t für d i e K u n d e U n g a r n s u n d v e r w a n d t e ...»
  25. «Dissertation zur Erlangung eines Doktors der Rechtswissenschaft des Fachbereiches Rechtswissenschaft der Universität Bremen vorgelegt von Elena ...»
  26. «Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde durch den Promotionsausschuss Dr. phil. der Universität Bremen vorgelegt von Katharina Bick Bremen, den ...»
  27. «Great Clarendon Street, Oxford, 2 6 Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s ...»
  28. «REGULARITY OF VARIETIES IN STRICTLY PSEUDOCONVEX DOMAINS FRANC FORSTNERIC Abstract We prove a theorem on the boundary regularity of a purely ...»
  29. «The European Review of Organised Crime Original article Cyber Crime and National Security: A New Zealand Perspective Sophie Victoria Ann Richardson* ...»
  30. «Liberty l _J Toward Liberty Volume I of Two Volumes Essays in honor of Ludwig von Mises on the occasion of his 90th birthday, September 29, 1971 ...»
  31. «“The Golden Keys” Being Served: Concierge Services and Customer Satisfaction Richard Mills Robert Morris University Denis P. Rudd Robert Morris ...»
  32. «Harith Alani , Steen Staab and Gerd Stumme Univ. of Southampton, GB h.alani@ecs.soton.ac.uk Universität Koblenz-Landau, DE staab@uni-koblenz.de ...»
  33. «1 Einleitung Die Entwicklung der sprachlichen Situation des nur 468 km2 großen Principat d’Andorra ist in großem Maße mit den ...»
  34. «ON SEMISYMMETRIC CUBIC GRAPHS OF ORDER 10p3 Mehdi Alaeiyan∗† and B. Naimeh Onagh‡ Received 17 : 04 : 2010 : Accepted 09 : 11 : 2010 Abstract ...»
  35. «Abstract. We show that every cubic graph can be drawn in the plane with straight-line edges using only the four basic slopes, {0, π/4, π/2, 3π/4}. ...»
  36. «Herausgegeben von Josef Isensee und Paul Kirchhof Band I Grundlagen von Staat und Verfassung Band II Demokratische Willensbildung - Die Staatsorgane ...»
  37. «WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF THE 1876 STEFANO MANUSCRIPT? Josko Petkovic For over one hundred years the Stefano manuscript was a private document in the ...»
  38. «Mary Wollstonecraft's A findication of the Rights of Women as Generator of Differing Feminist Traditions Chantal Cornut-Gentille d'Arcy Departamento ...»
  39. «Abstract. In this note we construct two infinite snark families which have high oddness and low circumference compared to the number of vertices. ...»
  40. «Eckhard Steffen∗ Abstract Let G be a bridgeless cubic graph. Consider a list of k 1-factors of G. Let Ei be the set of edges contained in ...»
  41. «Pouya Baniasadi, Vladimir Ejov, Jerzy A. Filar, Michael Haythorpe September 26, 2012 Abstract We propose a partitioning of the set of unlabelled, ...»
  42. «TELEFAX, 12 Seiten, einsehlielllich dieser =====================~==~============================= === === === Dr. Bernt Glatzer An das ...»
  43. «Application of Methods for Syntax Analysis of Context-Free Languages to Query Evaluation of arXiv:1405.3826v1 [2801-2900] 15 May 2014 Logic Programs ...»
  44. «Juristat Police-reported cybercrime in Canada, 2012 by Benjamin Mazowita and Mireille Vézina Release date: September 25, 2014 How to obtain more ...»
  45. «Lost Diva – Found Woman Female Representations in New Italian Cinema and National Television from 1995 to 2005 Contents Preface 11 Acknowledgements ...»
  46. «Steen Halling, Ph.D. Seattle University United States Abstract Researchers have a moral obligation to their discipline, to themselves, to their ...»
  47. «Issue date: October 2015 Cyber Extortion Risk Report 2015 1 CYBER EXTORTION RISK REPORT 2015 Contents Introduction 3 Statistics 3 Total cost of ...»
  48. «GREGORY F. PAULAY v. TATYANA PAULAY Eyler, Deborah S., Wright, Kenney, James A., III (Retired, Specially Assigned), JJ. Opinion by Eyler, Deborah S., ...»
  49. «Den Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultäten der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades vorgelegt von Andreas ...»
  51. «Gericht/Court: Datum/Date:Az./Case No: Rechtskraft/non-appealable: OLG Düsseldorf 19.01.05 I-26 Sch 05/03 Vorhergehende Aktenzeichen/ Case No: ...»
  52. «Title: Measuring Data Use Beliefs and Practices in Early Education Settings Authors and Affiliations: Amanda Stein Ounce of Prevention Fund Maia C. ...»
  53. «Title: Shared Solutions: A Model for Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships Authors and Affiliations: Co-directors: Tonya Wolford, Deputy Chief, Office ...»
  54. «Acknowledgements This Study was commissioned and managed by ENISA with specialist services provided by RAND Europe. ENISA would like to thank Mr. ...»
  55. «Author(s): Elaine L Graham Title: Between a rock and a hard place: Public theology in a post-secular age Date: 2013 Originally published in: Example ...»
  56. «Hinweis Dies ist die Textfassung der Broschüre „Das Wunder von Herford“ von Dr. phil. A. Kaul aus dem Jahre 1949. Die Schreibweise wurde den ...»
  57. «Document Title: Mandatory Custody Mediation: Empirical Evidence of Increased Risk for Domestic Violence Victims and Their Children Author(s): Dennis ...»
  58. «Document Title: Assessing Technology, Methods, and Information for Committing and Combating Cyber Crime Author(s): Gary R. Gordon ; Chet D. Hosmer ; ...»
  59. «EN EN EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, COM(2010) 517 2010/0273 (COD) Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on attacks ...»
  60. «Studie des Zentrums für Technologiefolgen-Abschätzung Menschliche Stammzellen Bärbel Hüsing, Eve-Marie Engels, Rainer Frietsch, Sibylle Gaisser, ...»
  61. «Organized by the Oriental Collection, Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Abstracts of Papers Our Sponsors: Ministry of Cultural Heritage ...»
  62. «CHILD CUSTODY ARRANGEMENTS: THEIR CHARACTERISTICS AND OUTCOMES 2004-FCY-3E Child Custody Arrangements: Their Characteristics and Outcomes Prepared ...»
  63. «„Die Kooperation zwischen China und Angola und ihre Auswirkungen auf Angolas Entwicklung“ Verfasserin Lilian Regina Hollenweger, Bakk.phil. ...»
  64. «Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Georgia ◊ Beiträge und Informationen zum Recht im postsowjetischen Raum ◊ ...»
  65. «Computer aided fragrance design- an update angestrebter akademischer Grad Magistra der Pharmazie (Mag.pharm.) Verfasser/in: Koscak Maja ...»
  66. «ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of DI flashcards and a math racetrack procedure on the number identification ...»
  67. «ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Direct Instruction Mathematics formats to teach basic math skills. The participant ...»
  68. «Entwurf des 4. Armuts- und Reichtumsberichts der Bundesregierung Stand 17.09.2012 17:00 Lebenslagen in Deutschland Der 4. Armuts- und ...»
  69. «In 2013, the growth of the cruise industry continues as we enter an era distinguished by an additional 11 innovative, feature-rich ships, ...»
  70. «Statistics on the use of language interpreter and translation services in courts and tribunals Quarterly update: to 30 September 2015 Ministry of ...»
  71. «To cite this version: Sten Govaerts, Yiwei Cao, Andrii Voznuik, Adrian Holzer, Danilo Garbi Zutin, et al. Towards an Online Lab Portal for ...»
  72. «Ponemon Institute© Research Report 2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime Benchmark Study of Global Companies Ponemon Institute October 2014 ...»
  73. «Quelle: CIA World Factbook Letzte Aktualisierung: Dezember 2014 Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) http://www.bicc.de Länderportrait ...»
  74. «vom 11. bis 14. Februar 2014 in Arnoldshain Inhaltsverzeichnis Foreword Programme of the 8th Theological Conference Grußwort für die 8. ...»
  75. «Brüssel, den 8.10.2015 COM(2015) 505 final BERICHT DER KOMMISSION AN DAS EUROPÄISCHE PARLAMENT UND DEN RAT über die Folgemaßnahmen zur Entlastung ...»
  76. «Silvester 2010 / Neujahr 2011 Silvesternacht Und nun, wenn alle Uhren schlagen, So haben wir uns was zu sagen, Was feierlich und hoffnungsvoll Die ...»
  77. «Jahrbuch 2000 BBBB ((VAKAT S. 2)) BERLIN-BRANDENBURGISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN (vormals Preußische Akademie der Wissenschaften) Jahrbuch 2000 ...»
  78. «Innovative System and Generation of Management and Operation Statistics for Decision Making in Academic Libraries – the Case of the University of ...»
  79. «Gebet Mein Ehe macht unsere stark Stormie Omartian Mein Gebet macht unsere Ehe stark Die amerikanische Originalausgabe erschien unter dem Titel ...»
  80. «At an IAS Term, Part 27 of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, held in and for the County of Kings, at the Courthouse, at Civic Center, ...»
  81. «This report has not been published by the U.S. Department of Justice. To provide better customer service, NCJRS has made this Federallyfunded grant ...»
  82. «SOUTH AFRICA 2015 HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY South Africa is a multiparty parliamentary democracy in which constitutional power is shared ...»
  83. «Mohamed Hamada1, Abdel-Rahman El Bagory2 and Abo-Bakr Edris3 1Department food hygiene, fac. of vet. Med. Menofia university- Sadat branch, Egypt ...»
  84. «Abstract Three models of different stent designs implanted in a cerebral aneurysm, originating from the Virtual Intracranial Stenting Challenge 2007 ...»
  85. «Abstracts Contact: globalfood@uni-goettingen.de Website: www.uni-goettingen.de/globalfood Table of Contents Plenary Session 1: Opening Session ...»
  86. «Wilfried Brauer TU-München Gerda Ruge Arcisstr.21 D-80290 München TU-München brauer@informatik.tu-muenchen.de Arcisstr. 21 D-80290 München ...»
  87. «***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK ERINNERUNGEN*** Ludwig Thoma / Erinnerungen Ludwig Thoma vi Erinnerungen Erinnerungen Mit 8 Zeichnungen von ...»
  88. «Table of Contents Section 1 : Introduction and Important Information A. Should I use this packet? Section 2 : Steps to Finish Your Nonparental ...»
  89. «Projektgruppe E&C und LOS Governance-Strategien und lokale Sozialpolitik Dokumentation zum Workshop am 23. Mai 2006 in Halle Governance-Strategien ...»
  90. «»Das grenzt an Erpressung« – Demokratisierungsversuche Wahlkampf in Afghanistan Afghanistans Nationalsport heißt Buskaschi, übersetzt bedeutet ...»
  91. «Markenkommunikation besteht aus dem Zusammenspiel der verschiedenen verantwortlichen Kommunikations-Akteure: dem Marketingteam, dem CEO eines ...»
  92. «Sten Grahn1 Anna Granlund2 Magnus Wiktorsson3 Niklas Friedler4 Swerea IVF AB1, Mälardalen University, Department of Product Realization2,3,4 ...»
  93. «Preprints and Working Papers of the Centre for Advanced Study in Bioethics Münster 2012/42 Preprints and Working Papers of the Centre for Advanced ...»
  94. «STRESS CORROSION CRACKING OF ALLOY 182 WELD IN A PWR WATER ENVIRONMENT Luciana Iglésias Lourenço Lima1, Mônica Maria de Abreu Mendonça ...»
  95. «DE15F0024 fachhochschule stralsund university of applied sciences energie - symposium energy - symposium 6. - 8. November 2014 Nutzung regenerativer ...»
  96. «Lulu’s Back in Town 1 2'12 Harry Warren / Al Dubin (Warner Music / Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia) ’Round Midnight 2 6'27 Thelonius Monk, ...»
  97. «Hans-Udo Heinzmann, Flute Elisaveta Blumina, Piano La flûte enchantée W o r k s b y C l a u d e D e b u s s y, C é s a r F r a n c k and Joseph ...»
  98. «NDR Sinfonieorchester Christoph Eschenbach PAUL HINDEMITH PAUL HINDEMITH (1895–1963) Symphonie ‘Mathis der Maler’ (1933–34) 30:42 1 I ...»
  99. «Coloring Algorithms on Subcubic Graphs∗ SAN SKULRATTANAKULCHAI and HAROLD N. GABOW Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado at ...»
  100. «DE Agora VIII Jobrotation Thessaloniki, 20.–21. März 2000 Cedefop Panorama series; 32 Luxemburg: Amt für amtliche Veröffentlichungen der ...»
  101. «UDK 519.173 L. P. Plachta ON NONPLANARITY OF CUBIC GRAPHS A cubic graph is nonplanar if and only if it contains a subgraph homeomorphic to K3,3 . For ...»
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