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  1. «Introduction Although social disorganization theory has been tested extensively in the United States and Western Europe in regards to homicide rates, ...»
  2. «PROFESSOR Department/Interdisciplinary Programme Academic year 2015 - 2016 David Sylvan david.sylvan@graduateinstitute.ch Course title Office: ...»
  3. «EU biofuels policy: Trade protectionism or European sustainability leadership? Stavros Afionis and Lindsay C. Stringer September, 2011 No. 26 SRI ...»
  4. «Communities of crisis, squares in movement Abstract. This paper is going to become a chapter of an edited book titled Regards on the Crisis in ...»
  5. «Andreas Ströhl Flusser im Bauch und in der Politik „Der erste Satz im Tractatus lautet: „Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist.“ Das hat mich ...»
  6. «March 2009 Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Introduction Regarding factors for excessive volatility in crude oil prices, various arguments have ...»
  7. «Title of Dissertation: THIRD PARTY INTERVENTION IN ETHNIC CONFLICTS: A FORCE FOR PEACE OR SPIRALING VIOLENCE Deepa Khosla, Doctor of Philosophy, 2004 ...»
  8. «Urban Neighborhood Information Systems: Crime Prevention and Control Applications April Pattavina, Glenn Pierce, and Alan Saiz 0 VER the last fifteen ...»
  9. «World Crude Oil Markets: Monetary Policy and the Recent Oil Shock Noureddine Krichene © 2006 International Monetary Fund WP/06/62 IMF Working Paper ...»
  10. «Aid and Growth at the Regional Level by Axel Dreher and Steffen Lohmann IMF Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are ...»
  11. «Stefan Steinicke / Sascha Albrecht Search and Rescue in the Arctic SWP Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Deutsches Institut für Internationale ...»
  12. «Organizing for Computer Crime Investigation and Prosecution About the National Institute of Justice The National Institute of Justice is a research ...»
  13. «This review has been commissioned as part of the UK Government’s Foresight project, Future Identities: Changing identities in the UK – the next ...»
  14. «This working paper is produced for discussion purposes only. The papers are expected to be published in due course, in revised form and should not be ...»
  15. «HOME | CURRENT | ARCHIVES | ABOUT | LOG IN | REGISTER | SEARCH Home Current Issue Vol. 10 (2006) Aus, Jonathan P. Eurodac: A Solution Looking for a ...»
  16. «HOME | CURRENT | ARCHIVES | ABOUT | LOG IN | REGISTER | SEARCH Home Vol.13 (2009) Renner, Stephan The Energy Community of Southeast Europe: A ...»
  17. «Jürgen Neyer and Michael Schroeter European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder Permanent Representation of Land Bremen, Berlin The paradox of ...»
  18. «Paper for the presentation at the ECPR General Conference, Bordeaux, 2013 in the Panel Democracy of the Squares. Visions and Practices of Democracy ...»
  19. «Political charisma as performance and projection Erik Jentges Political Charisma as Performance and Projection Erik Jentges Institute of Mass ...»
  20. «Justice in International Diplomacy Harald Müller August 2011 Justice in international diplomacy Harald Müller 1. Introduction What has justice to ...»
  21. «A Critical Look at the Regulation of Cybercrime : A Comparative Analysis with Suggestions for Legal Policy, DROIT-TIC, 11 avril 2005 A Critical Look ...»
  22. «A report written by a delegation of British lawyers on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law Contents Introduction 2 ...»
  23. «10/2015 Final Report of the Project „Using Standardized Baselines (CDM) for Achieving Climate Policy Goals in Developing Countries (Suppressed ...»
  24. «Cybercrime continues to diverge down different paths with each new year that passes. In 2013, cybercriminals are changing the way they organize and ...»
  25. «Civil Asymmetry: How do we Practice Civility in a Religiously Pluralistic Society? Benjamin E. Sax Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies ...»
  26. «North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission North Carolina Criminal Justice Analysis Center Douglas L. Yearwood and Richard Hayes May,2003 Table of ...»
  27. «Discussion Paper Peter Wittschorek Präsidentenwahlen in Kasachstan 1999 Erfahrungen einer ungewöhnlichen OSZE-Mission C 38 Peter Wittschorek, ...»
  28. «Evaluation Models—Abstract In entering a new millennium, it is a good time for evaluators to critically appraise their program evaluation ...»
  29. «Claire Hargreaves and Dr Daniel Prince Security Lancaster: Security Futures Foreword Cybercrime is a topic in which Contents public and governmental ...»
  30. «Informationen zu GEMMA GEMMA ist ein europäisches Projekt, das es sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, den Austausch zwischen den verschiedenen AkteurInnen ...»
  31. «Johannes Giesinger Bildung im liberalen Staat Von Humboldt zu Rawls Wie ist das Verhältnis von Staat und Bildung unter den Bedingungen einer ...»
  32. «Middle East Is A Looming Tinderbox - Think Egypt August 14, 2013 by Gary Halbert of Halbert Wealth Management IN THIS ISSUE: 1.Unprecedented Embassy ...»
  33. «Sebastian Harnisch Magdalena Kirchner Abstract In this article, we demonstrate that the policy of state-sponsorship of terrorism is intimately linked ...»
  34. «Bettina Helbig1; Distance Learning University in Hagen, bettina.helbig@fernuni-hagen.de First draft: Comments welcome! Abstract: Federalism in ...»
  35. «Die Nouvelles Equipes Internationales und der Föderalismus* Von Winfried Becker Die Nouvelles Equipes Internationales (NEI) bildeten einen ...»
  36. «Improving Coordination between the EU Bodies Competent in the Area of Police and Judicial Cooperation: Moving towards a European Prosecutor STUDY ...»
  37. «Dem Rad in A Spoke die Speichen in the fallen Wheel Das Politische in The Political in der Theologie the Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffers Dietrich ...»
  38. «Michael Merlingen/Rasa Ostrauskaitė Wird es auf diesem Politikfeld langsam eng? – Die Polizeiunterstützung von OSZE und EU Einführung ...»
  39. «MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE FOR FOREIGN AND INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL LAW Managing Risk from Cybercrime: Internet Policy and Security Management for ...»
  40. «I n the tradition of continental European legal development, the main objective of shaping the rules has been to develop codified forms, structures, ...»
  41. «Bongo Flava and the Electoral Campaign 2005 in Tanzania Uta Reuster-Jahn Abstract This article examines how Bongo Flava artists in Tanzania commented ...»
  42. «Institute for Criminal Policy Research Birkbeck, University of London July 2012 Occasional Paper 106 ISBN 978 1 84987 930 9 The views expressed in ...»
  43. «A thought experiment In this article I will present a thought experiment that inverts the relationship between the concepts of parliament and ...»
  44. «Dr. Bernhard Perchinig Current Position: Senior Research Officer, ICMPD Vienna; Qualifications and Relevant Experience: Bernhard Perchinig is a ...»
  45. «Youth & Policy Special Edition: The Next Five Years: Prospects for young people Youth Crime and Youth Justice 2015–2020 John Pitts Abstract This ...»
  46. «Department of Political Science University of British Columbia 1866 Main Mall, Buchanan C425 Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1, Canada Email: ...»
  47. «EARLY DAYS IN CUSTODY – RECEPTION IN, FIRST NIGHT IN CUSTODY, AND INDUCTION TO CUSTODY This instruction applies to Reference:Prisons PSI 07/2015 ...»
  48. «National Community, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity Rainer Bauböck National Community, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity Rainer Bauböck Reihe ...»
  49. «Recombinant Citizenship Rainer Bauböck Recombinant Citizenship Rainer Bauböck Reihe Politikwissenschaft / Political Science Series No. 67 December ...»
  50. «Abstract. Land use and land cover changes have significant impact on the environment and accordingly this topic has gained increasing political ...»
  51. «Congressional Research Service 7-5700 www.crs.gov R42547 Cybercrime: Conceptual Issues for Congress and U.S. Law Enforcement Summary Twenty-first ...»
  52. «Jenseits der Transformation Kurzfassungen der Beiträge für die 20. Tagung Junger Osteuropa-Experten Bitte nicht zitieren. ©: die Autorinnen und ...»
  53. «Robert Rohrschneider Department of Political Science Indiana University Bloomington IN 47401 rrohrsch@indiana.edu Paper prepared for the conference ...»
  54. «Jobcentre Plus customer survey 2011 by Nicholas Howat and Emily Pickering Department for Work and Pensions Research Report No 775 Jobcentre Plus ...»
  55. «Die Entwicklung des österreichischen Gentechnikgesetzes Policy-Analyse im Hinblick auf die Genanalyse am Menschen und genetische Beratung Erich ...»
  56. «MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT This Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) constitutes an agreement between United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), ...»
  57. «Bolivia’s New Constitution: Towards Participatory Democracy and Political Pluralism? Almut Schilling-Vacaflor Abstract: In Bolivia, rights to ...»
  58. «Discursive traces of genocide in Johannes Spiecker’s travel diary (1905-1907) Martin Siefkes* Abstract In his role as inspector for the Rhenish ...»
  59. «Summary After World War II two groups of children fathered by foreign soldiers were assigned special political functions in the building of a future ...»
  60. «Published: October 2009 Statistical notice – Customer Service and Engagement Statement The Ministry of Justice provides accurate, timely, user ...»
  61. «ABSTRACT: A method is described for producing explicit nonstationary spatial covariance functions that, for example, allows both the local geometric ...»
  62. «Studie „Wahrnehmung und Akzeptanz religiöser Vielfalt“ Bevölkerungsumfrage des Exzellenzclusters „Religion und Politik“ unter Leitung des ...»
  63. «Introduction: Empathy and Collective Intentionality: The Social Philosophy of Edith Stein Thomas Szanto, Dermot Moran Two issues have been at center ...»
  64. «The peopleʼs role in the political system of the Roman Republic has been at the centre of scholarly debate since Millarʼs challenge to the ...»
  65. «ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS Note that in many instances the following abstracts summarise works that are in various stages of completion. Please do not quote ...»
  66. «34. Jahrgang 2. Quartal 2001 ABSTRACTS ANALYSEN UND BERICHTE Jörg Menzel Revolution vor Gericht: Fidschis Court of Appeal erklärt Verfassungsputsch ...»
  67. «With the adoption of the Namibian Constitution 20 years ago, the illegitimate but apparently legal regime that had previously existed in the country ...»
  68. «Shared Physical Custody and Children’s Experience of Stress Jani Turunen © Copyright is held by the author. A project funded by European Union's ...»
  69. «Kevin Wong, Dan Ellingworth, Linda Meadows Hallam Centre for Community Justice, Sheffield Hallam University Ministry of Justice Analytical Series ...»
  70. «DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY, UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH, GERMANY Email: Zoeller@lmu.de Website: http://tinyurl.com/ZoellerGuenter LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (BOOKS, ...»
  71. «The EMN was established via Council Decision 2008/381/EC and is financially supported by the European Union. The EMN National Contact Point Austria ...»
  72. «The EMN was established via Council Decision 2008/381/EC and is financially supported by the European Union. The EMN National Contact Point Austria ...»
  73. «THE IMPERIAL CULT DURING THE REIGN OF NERO CLAUDIUS CAESAR (AD 54-68) BARBOŞ Andreea-Raluca Abstract. Contemptuous towards everything that was moral ...»
  74. «Kriegsvorbereitungen stoppen! Embargos beenden! Solidarität mit den Völkern Irans und Syriens! Zehntausende Tote, eine traumatisierte Bevölkerung, ...»
  75. «No. Name(s) Abstract and CV Abstract: 1 Akkermann, Women First? Radical right populist parties and gender issues Tjitske This paper will investigate ...»
  76. «Handa sa laban araw? (Ready to fight every day?) Readiness to Political Action and Sense of Entitlement: How strong is Citizenship in the ...»
  77. «Africa Spectrum Raftopoulos, Brian (2014), Zimbabwean Politics in the Post-2013 Election Period, in: Africa Spectrum, 49, 2, 91-103. URN: ...»
  78. «Island erweckt aufgrund seiner peripheren Lage und geringen Bevölkerungszahl kein sonderlich großes Interesse in der Politikwissenschaft.1 Selbst ...»
  79. «How to cite: Min, Kyung-Jin (2002) The levitical authorship of Ezra Nehemiah, Durham theses, Durham University. Available at Durham E-Theses Online: ...»
  80. «No. Name(s) Abstract and short information on the speaker(s) Abstract: 1 Akkermann, Women First? Radical right populist parties and gender issues ...»
  81. «Are Bad Public Schools Public “Bads”? Test Scores and Civic Values in Public and Private Schools1 Tahir Andrabi (Pomona College) Natalie Bau ...»
  82. «British Association of South Asian Studies Annual Conference 6-8 April 2016 Fitzwilliam College Schedule at a glance (Full schedule with abstracts ...»
  83. «Bericht zuhanden des Bundesamtes für Justiz (BJ) und des Eidgenössischen Büros für die Gleichstellung von Frau und Mann (EBG) Luzern, den 24. ...»
  84. «����������� “Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental ...»
  85. «Education University of Innsbruck Innsbruck Venia Docendi for Political Science 2015 Thesis: The Invasion of Iraq in 2003: Actors – Structures – ...»
  86. «Das Madchen Das Aus Der Stille Kam Easy way risks do valued off to be a credit. With market, by the pension refers 2 trades although the new result a ...»
  87. «I am appalled at the sad state of public discourse in contemporary society. The engagement between persons who disagree with one another is ...»
  88. «A Field-based Aquatic Life Benchmark for Conductivity in Central Appalachian Streams NOTICE This information is distributed solely for the purpose of ...»
  89. «gesetze gesetze Gesetz Wiktionary Referenzen und weiterführende Informationen: [301-400] Wikipedia-Artikel Gesetz [301-400] Wikipedia-Artikel Physikalisches ...»
  90. «Mit ausgewählten Kapiteln in deutscher Sprache Veröffentlicht Dezember 2013 JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE Institute for Prospective Technological Studies ...»
  91. «A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE TRANSFER OF PROPERTY RIGHTS IN JAPANESE CIVIL LAW (1) S=JH: OCD I . The Law of Property and Real Property Rights 1. ...»
  92. «Role of universities in statistical capacity building: The case of the Department of Applied Statistics at National University of Rwanda* By Dr. JOSE ...»
  93. «WOMEN'S RIGHTS & GENDER EQUALITY Reception of female refugees and asylum seekers in the EU Case study Germany STUDY Abstract Upon request by the FEMM ...»
  94. «Interdisciplinary, cross-company new product development in the future automotive industry – the case ARENA2036 Eva M. Grochowski University of ...»
  95. «Majestic Dreams Your assets can research limited because options, for decision, and only in american ready steps, abroad you can save your fuel time. ...»
  96. «1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE CASE 4 3. ARGUMENTS AND METHODS 6 3.1. Phase I: application and delay (1970) 6 3.2. Phase II: repetition and ...»
  97. «Working Paper OP-3 The Politics of Restitution for Nazi Victims in Germany West and East (1945 – 2000) by Constantin Goschler September 25, 2003 ...»
  98. «Justice in International Diplomacy Harald Müller August 2011 Justice in international diplomacy Harald Müller 1. Introduction What has justice to ...»
  99. «www.bundesheer.at Einleitung Workshop: “Österreichischer Workshop zur Raketenabwehr 2014” Ort und Zeit: MARIA THERESIEN-Kaserne, 19. – ...»
  100. «Urban Land Policy in Frankfurt am Main at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: A Case Study of a German ‘Social City’ Satoshi Baba The University ...»
  101. «I am appalled at the sad state of public discourse in contemporary society. I submit as Exhibit A the typical TV talk show where pundits line up on ...»
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