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    Books, abstracts, thesis. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «Introduction In clinical Psychoanalysis the dialectic of the object (among other things)1 will help clarify predominant structural aspect of the ...»
  2. «DONALD B. RUBIN University John L. Loeb Professor of Statistics Address: Department of Statistics Harvard University 1 Oxford Street Cambridge, MA ...»
  3. «By Theodor Elsenhans Translated by Jacob Martin Rump A translation of “Phaenomenologie, Psychologie, Erkenntnistheorie,” originally published in ...»
  4. «by Kimberly Blair Saliba A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Applied ...»
  6. «Barend Schutte, Southampton ISSN 1470 – 9570 The portrayal of the GDR in post 1990 German feature films 5 The portrayal of the GDR in post 1990 ...»
  7. «This is the published version Sharpe, Matthew and Faulkner, Joanne 2008, Understanding psychoanalysis, ACUMEN Publishing, Stocksfield, England ...»
  8. «PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSEQUENCES OF INFERTILITY Sarwat Sultan & Azam Tahir Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan & University of Balochistan, ...»
  9. « ...»
  11. «Teilnahmebedingungen ELEX FANART WETTBEWERB 1. Beschreibung des Wettbewerbs Der Contest findet in Form eines FanArt-Wettbewerbs statt. Die Teilnahme ...»
  12. «The Bickersteth Diaries 1914 1918 Urgency fleeing that first ideas pretty is thing, event and project with every The Bickersteth Diaries: 1914-1918 ...»
  13. «The Complete Preparation Guide Texas State Police Learning Express Law Enforcement Series Texas And well it should much document other to be you over ...»
  14. «The Potter Needlework Library Applique The Potter Needlework Library Research to undergo customers because risk and the reason of the swing' prices. ...»
  15. «Soile Juujärvi The Ethic of Care and Its Development A Longitudinal Study Among Practical Nursing, Bachelor-Degree Social Work and Law Enforcement ...»
  16. «“The e-book was very useful. What I liked about it is its simplicity and understandability. Even a grade-schooler can use it as a guide if a child ...»
  17. «Stressmodell von Lazarus 1 Stressmodell von Lazarus Das Transaktionale Stressmodell von Lazarus ist nach dem Psychologen Richard Lazarus benannt und ...»
  18. «ABSTRACT: Adopting an ‘‘archetypal’’ reading of analytical psychology, this paper seeks to explore the often encountered assumption that ...»
  19. «Page 1 Venture Funding for the University Startup India Vincent, JD, and April McKenzie Mason, MBA, JD India Vincent, JD, is a partner in the ...»
  20. «Flemish Association for Development Co-Operation and Technical Assistance (VVOB) World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) Research Support Unit University ...»
  21. «O INSIGHT BOOKS Plenum Press * New York and London Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Paris. Bernard J. Bargains with fate - ...»
  22. «Unconscious and Game Theory LUCA FLABBI AND MARIA GABRIELLA PEDICONI ABSTRACT The paper compares psychoanalysis and non-cooperative Game Theory and ...»
  23. «Published in: Lingua 120 (2010), 2627–2637. Morphology, frequency, and the processing of derived words in native and non-native speakers Harald ...»
  24. «THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – CENTRAL AMERICA – UNITED STATES FREE TRADE AGREEMENT Table of Contents Preamble Chapter One Initial Provisions Chapter ...»
  25. «Who Stole Matthew S Web Books By Teens 2 Books By Teens Me create travelling to see a variety that a none around you can do in Who Stole Matthew's ...»
  26. «Facebook in higher education promotes social but not academic engagement. Lisa Wise, Jason Skues, Faculty of Higher Education, Lilydale, Swinburne ...»
  27. «Pamela Yee 1 ENG 452: Theatre in London 12/29/2011 – 01/14/2012 Theatre in London 2011-2012 Journal: A Journey through the Mind An Introductory ...»
  28. «Belief and Imagination EXPLORATIONS IN PSYCHOANALYSIS RONALD BRITTON London and New York Contents Acknowledgements xi Introduction 1 1 Belief and ...»
  29. «Zürich, den 20. Mai 2015 Nietzsche und Dionysos Eine post-metaphysische Lektüre Nietzsche und Dionysos: Nietzsche, der deutsche Philosoph, und ...»
  30. «Area Studies) zwischen Fachdisziplinen und der Öffnung zum Globalen: Eine wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Annäherung Birgit Schäbler Area Studies Even ...»
  31. «Artikel zu den Zeitereignissen – Inhalt 1. Artikel zu den Zeitereignissen: „Amoklauf“ Winnenden/Wendlingen – Teil 1 [Inhalt: 70 unbequeme ...»
  32. «Brase Understandable Statistics Enhanced Edition Plus Technology Guideeighth Edition Plus Eduspace Selling prudent bodyguards and promotions to long ...»
  33. «Cognitive Role of Ill_Structures Representations in Preliminary Design* VINOD GOEL Dept. of Psychology, York University, Toronto, Ont. Canada ...»
  34. «Evidence for Dual Neural Pathways for Syllogistic Reasoning Vinod Goel Department Of Psychology York University, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3 Canada ...»
  35. «Pioneers in Missing Data 2013 Statistical Solutions www.statistical-solutions-software.com Donald B. Rubin John L. Loeb Professor of Statistics at ...»
  36. «EDUCATION Harvard University (Ed.D., June 2006) Cambridge, MA Graduate School of Education Human Development and Psychology Dissertation: “Doin’ ...»
  37. «Stephen Shenfield A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Centre for Russian and East European Studies Faculty of Commerce and ...»
  38. «The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been sensitive to continuous changes in geo-political and geo-strategic contexts, as well as the changing ...»
  39. «Topics Covered in This Chapter Recognizing the Underlying Rules of Project Understanding the Project Data Structure Using Primary Project Data Fields ...»
  40. «Mastering style – Effects of explicit style-related information, art knowledge and affective state on appreciation of abstract paintings BENNO ...»
  41. «Rezensionen Klaus-Dietrich Schunck, Altes Testament und Heiliges Land . Gesammelte Studien zum Alten Testament und zur biblischen Landeskunde II, ...»
  42. «More than Meets the Eye: Commentary on Bruce Mangan’s “Sensations Ghost” Dan Lloyd Department of Philosophy Trinity College Hartford, CT 06106 ...»
  43. «Production and appreciation of humor as sexually selected traits Eric R. Bressler a,4, Rod A. Martinb, Sigal Balshinec a Department of Psychology, ...»
  44. «Open Access RESEARCH Components of Appreciative Functioning: A Thematic Analysis of Relevant Literature and Content Analysis of Existing ...»
  45. «Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Philosophie an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Fakultät für Psychologie und ...»
  46. «July 2010 Oracle Performance Management Implementation and User Guide, Release 12.1 Part No. E13523-04 Copyright © 2007, 2010, Oracle and/or its ...»
  47. «Published: 1931 Categorie(s): Fiction, Horror, Short Stories Source: Wikisource About Lovecraft: Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American author of ...»
  48. «Achievement Goals, Competition Appraisals, and the Well- and Ill-Being of Elite Youth Soccer Players Over Two Competitive Seasons James W. Adie, Joan ...»
  49. «M. Teresa Turell (ed.): Multilingualism in Spain. Sociolinguistic and Psycholinguistic Aspects of Linguistic Minority Groups, Clevedon / Buffalo / ...»
  50. «Vision Metaphors for the Intellect: Are they Really Cross-Linguistic? Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano Universidad de Zaragoza iraide@unizar.es Many ...»
  51. «Emotionale Reizbewertung bei Parkinson-PatientInnen mit leichter kognitiver Beeinträchtigung (MCI) Verfasserin: Melanie Pflüger Angestrebter ...»
  52. «Doctorate in Educational Psychology Sarah White DECLARATION This work has not been submitted in substance for any other degree or award at this or ...»
  53. «НаучНый журНал СЕРИя «Педагогика и Психология» № 1 (27) Издается с 2007 года Выходит 4 ...»
  54. «Im Geist durch den Sohn zum Vater. Vier Überlegungen zum Bewegungsraum des Dreieinigen in einer Schöpfung, die auf ihre „Erlösung harrt“ ...»
  55. «© 2009 transcript Verlag, Bielefeld Die Verwertung der Texte und Bilder ist ohne Zustimmung des Verlages urheberrechtswidrig und strafbar. Das gilt ...»
  56. «Performance appraisal is an almost universal feature of organisational life. Most organisations operate systems for monitoring and developing staff ...»
  57. «British Journal of Psychology (2004), 95, 489–508 q 2004 The British Psychological Society www.bps.org.uk A model of aesthetic appreciation and ...»
  58. «Appreciative Inquiry: A Transformative Paradigm by Jane Magruder Watkins and David Cooperrider WHAT IS IT? Appreciative Inquiry, a concept and ...»
  59. «Nationale Sprach- und Kulturinstitute als zeitgemäße und zukunftsweisende Antriebskräfte für den Schutz, den Erhalt und die Verbreitung von ...»
  60. «This paper is intended to cover all areas of the UK although it is acknowledged that there will be differences in practice in the various ...»
  61. «Dear Appraiser, Mortgage Information Services, Inc. is a management service company offering title, closing, and appraisal services to national and ...»
  62. «Appreciating Asperger Syndrome Looking At The Upside With 300 Positive Points One said as the near call needs the great reduction or more previous to ...»
  63. «8-1-2014 Teaching Beautiful Questions: Using Literature to Teach Youth Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Shira R. Reicher University of Pennsylvania, ...»
  64. «Zone Positive – Appreciative Inquiry Workbook WELCOME Welcome to Zone Positive’s Appreciative Inquiry (AI) lesson. We are delighted that you have ...»
  65. «ESOTERIK UND CHRISTENTUM Religionsgeschichtliche und theologische Perspektiven Helmut Obst zum 65. Geburtstag Evangelische Verlagsanstalt Leipzig ...»
  66. «Zur Früherkennung von Schriftspracherwerbsproblemen im Rahmen der Einschulungsuntersuchungen* Hermann Schöler Bericht Nr. 10 Februar 2001 ...»
  67. «Last August my ISHN column introduced the “competence motive,” and explained how we can use this basic psychological principle to increase ...»
  68. «Chapter 6 Civilization Follows the Cow In the early 1950s, the instinctive reaction to the problem of the hungry or malnourished child took one ...»
  69. «Suitable for everyone who wants to experience a large portion of Mainz within a few hours. Accessibility is not ensured. Duration approx. 2 and a ...»
  70. «RUNNING HEAD: Instrumentality Boosts Appreciation In Press: Psychological Science Instrumentality Boosts Appreciation: Helpers Are More Appreciated ...»
  71. «Appreciating Organization Development: A Comparative Essay on Divergent Perspectives Thomas G. Cummings, Chailin Cummings Organization development ...»
  72. «Abstract: In this paper I will delineate the psychological operations and faculties required for linguistic apprehension within a Thomistic ...»
  73. «'When I make a word do a lot of work like that, I always pay it extra' (Lewis Carroll 1895) 1. Introduction Humans are uniquely endowed with the ...»
  74. «Bipolare Störungen: Pharmakotherapie Roland Ricken, Max Pilhatsch, Michael Bauer Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Charité – ...»
  75. «Motivational and volitional processes in sunscreen use: A longitudinal online experiment Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doktor ...»
  76. «Verbal proficiency as fitness indicator: Experimental and comparative research on the evolutionary psychology of language and verbal displays Die ...»
  77. «– Zur Dekonstruktion eines Spürens Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines Doktors der Philosophie (Dr. phil.) am Fachbereich ...»
  78. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doctor philosophiae (Dr. phil.) der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Rostock Rostock, ...»
  79. «Donald Winter A Failing Marriage You not offer Donald Winter: A Failing Marriage absolutely need to enjoy terms on you will post their persistence ...»
  80. «Abstract This article presents names in science fiction and fantasy stories with problematic morphological structures as well as manufactured names ...»
  81. «The Fragility of Aesthetic Knowledge: Aesthetic Psychology and Appreciative Virtues Matthew Kieran published in Peter Goldie and Elisabeth ...»
  83. «DEPARTMENT OF LEGISLATIVE SERVICES OCTOBER 2011 Sunset Review: Evaluation of the State Commission of Real Estate Appraisers and Home Inspectors ...»
  84. «Introductory Reading for the forum on: Introverted Sensation Copyright 2011, Gifts Compass Inc. Online Forum on Psychological Types: Introverted ...»
  85. «Giovanna Colombetti Appraising Valence ‘Valence’ is used in many different ways in emotion theory. It generally refers to the ‘positive’ or ...»
  86. «Copyright Das Digitalisat wird Ihnen von perspectivia.net, der Online-Publikationsplattform der Max Weber Stiftung – Deutsche ...»
  87. «Although the basic test for apprehended bias is now well-established in Australian law, its application continues to present difficulties. The basic ...»
  88. «Von Immanuel Swedenborg Aus der lateinischen Urschrift übersetzt. Band 8 Enthaltend 1. Buch Mose Kapitel 45 - 50 mit Nr. 5867 - 6626 Orthographisch ...»
  89. «Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der Graduiertenschule für die Geisteswissenschaften / Graduate School of the Humanities (GSH) ...»
  90. «Russell T. Hurlburt Iteratively Apprehending Pristine Experience Abstract: Pristine experience is inner experience that is directly ongoing before it ...»
  91. «Verlaufsbeobachtung von psychosomatischen Störungen an 30 Probanden unter Anwendung des Ingenium-Matrix-Bionic-Systems Thesis zur Erlangung des ...»
  92. «The psychology of careers in industrial-organizational settings: a critical but appreciative analysis This item was submitted to Loughborough ...»
  93. «Engaging Employees in Times of Uncertainty: The Development of Resilience in Organizations James P. McGinnis The George Washington University ...»
  94. «Zaburzenia funkcji poznawczych w chorobie afektywnej dwubiegunowej Cognitive dysfunctions in bipolar disorders Agnieszka K a ł w a Oddział ...»
  95. «© S. MATTHEW LIAO Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21205; e-mail: sliao@jhsph.edu; www.smatthewliao.com November 24, 2005 I. INTRODUCTION A ...»
  96. «Lautproduktion Wortschatz Satzbildung Narrative Kompetenzen Soziale Alltagssprache SPRACHPRODUKTION Spracherwerb umfasst ganz entscheidend und ...»
  97. «-1Miasmen nach Sankaran (ein Skript von A.Holling/Münster) Auf der Suche nach allgemeinen Kategorien, welche die Suche nach dem hilfreichen Mittel ...»
  98. «Die Auswirkungen des Face-ism-Effekts auf die Bewertung von Attraktivität und Charaktereigenschaften von Julia Beblo, Stefanie Bergmann, Juliane ...»
  99. «Von der Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, Abteilung Informatik und Angewandte Kognitionswissenschaft der Universität Duisburg-Essen zur ...»
  100. «Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung Alexandra M. Freund, geboren 1964 in Tübingen, studierte Psychologie an der Ruprecht-Karls-Universität ...»
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