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  1. «Improved Similarity Measures for Small Sets of Spike Trains Article in Neural Computation · September 2011 ...»
  2. «Zugriskontrolle in serviceorientierten Architekturen am Beispiel von Geodateninfrastrukturen Jan M. Herrmann Vollständiger Abdruck der von der ...»
  3. «Sommaire/Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Introduction 2 Quelques considérations techniques 3 Modèles lexicaux 3.1 Deux modèles complémentaires 3.2 ...»
  4. «Richard Kempter* Wulfram Gerstner Institut fur Theoretische Physik Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Technische Universitat Munchen Center of ...»
  5. «Space Human Factors Publications: 1980-1 990 Katherine J. Dickson The George Washington University Washington, D.C. Prepared for NASA Office of Space ...»
  6. «Dark-Wave, Neofolk und Industrial im Spannungsfeld rechter Ideologien Andreas Speit (Hg.) Ästhetische Mobilmachung Dark Wave, Neofolk und Industrial ...»
  7. «vorgelegt von Name: Wieruch Vorname: Robin Geb. am: 28.05.1988 in: Berlin-Pankow Erstprüfer: Dr.-Ing. Iris Braun Zweitprüfer: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. ...»
  8. «Methodik zur formalen Spezi kation des ISO/OSI Schichtenmodells Christian Facchi Vollstandiger Abdruck der von der Fakultat fur Informatik der ...»
  9. «Abstract Following Brown and Sessions (1999) we apply the comparative techniques originated by Wolpin (1977) and Psacharopoulos (1979) to ...»
  10. «1 Einführung Das Kreuzungszahlproblem ist ein notorisch schweres Problem aus dem Grenzgebiet zwischen Graphentheorie, Topologie und Algorithmik. Die ...»
  11. «GEOWISSENSCHAFTLICHE MITTEILUNGEN Heft 50 Festschrift KURTBRETTERBAUER zum 70. Geburtstag Schriftleitung Robert Weber, Elisabeth Fragner Institut fur ...»
  12. «Von der Fakultät V – Verkehrs- und Maschinensysteme der Technischen Universität Berlin zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doktor der ...»
  13. «ABSTRACT The land surveying community is about to enter a new era of control surveying. Traditional methods of Global Positioning System (GPS) static ...»
  14. «Welcome Welcome to the webinar on the National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Application. Our speakers today are Jack ...»
  15. «Portierung von Qt auf Genode Christian Prochaska 11. Februar 2009 Technische Universität Dresden Fakultät Informatik Institut für ...»
  16. «Abstract We propose a model for synaptic plasticity according to the Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity (STDP) theory using Linear Hybrid Automata ...»
  17. «Abstract: With photogrammetric software becoming increasingly available and applicable to the archaeological research community, the ...»
  18. «Generation of software tests from specifications I. Spence & C. Meudec Department of Computer Science, The Queen's University of Belfast, University ...»
  19. «The Bridge Of The Golden Horn Each basket will target the service& been human, by it seems it to provide such a key companies on held that answering ...»
  20. «The Van Hiele Model Of Thinking In Geometry Among Adolescents Jrme Monographs Vol 3 Some headache growing silver is your TV of global, and that idea ...»
  21. «Thorstein Veblen Contents 1. Introductory 2 2. Pecuniary Emulation 12 3. Conspicuous Leisure 18 4. Conspicuous Consumption 33 5. The Pecuniary ...»
  22. «SHAM BHALA Boston & London SHAMBHALA P UBLICATIONS, INC. Horticultural Hall Shambhala P ublications 300 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Massachusetts ...»
  23. «Sentiment Analysis on Twitter with Stock Price and Significant Keyword Correlation Linhao Zhang Department of Computer Science, The University of ...»
  24. «Rapid Serial Visual Presentation Techniques for Visualizing a 3rd Data Dimension Wittenburg, K.; Lanning, T.; Forlines, C.; Esenther, A. TR2003-20 ...»
  25. «A Review of the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum and its Potential Application to Transportation in Parks and Public Lands March 2011 This document ...»
  26. «TTO Number 10 Integrity Management Program Delivery Order DTRS56-02-D-70036 Dent Study FINAL REPORT Submitted by: Michael Baker Jr., Inc. November ...»
  27. «Unconventional gas best practice ESG risk management principles and recommendations Draft for discussion Introduction The rapid growth of the ...»
  29. «Using a Computer to Support your Study This booklet accompanies the Skills for OU Study website: www.open.ac.uk/skillsforstudy Skills for OU Study ...»
  30. «Warning and Disclaimer Every effort has been made to make this manual as complete and accurate as possible, but no warranty or fitness is implied. ...»
  31. «Using Figures - The Basics OVERVIEW To be useful, the results of a scientific investigation or technical project must be communicated to others in ...»
  32. «INTRODUCTION The crowded nature of today’s aviation environment and the affordability of VHF transceivers for general aviation aircraft have caused ...»
  33. «International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering 671 Available Online at www.ijecse.org ISSN- 2277-1956 Monitoring Spatial ...»
  34. «Prof. Dr. Erdal ZORBA Editor-in-Chief Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin YAMAN Editor Assoc. Prof. Dr. İ. Hakkı MİRİCİ Associate Editor TOJRAS : The Online ...»
  35. «NYU-Poly, Six Metrotech Center, Brooklyn NY 11201 USA, isbister@poly.edu, chrisdimauro@gmail.com. 1.1 Abstract This chapter describes research ...»
  36. «Export processing zones: Comparative data from China, Honduras, Nicaragua and South Africa Jamie K. McCallum Industrial March 2011 and Employment ...»
  37. «vorgelegt von Diplom-Chemikerin Ulrike Wenzel Dem Fachbereich 5 - Chemie der Technischen Universität Berlin zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades ...»
  38. «SUPERSYMMETRY AND MORSE THEORY EDWARD WITTEN Abstract It is shown that the Morse inequalities can be obtained by consideration of a certain ...»
  39. «Technical Report des DAI-Labors der Technischen Universität Berlin Jens Wohltorf DAI-Labor of Technische Universität Berlin, Franklinstrasse 28/29, ...»
  40. «Avatar Information Extraction System. Article · January 2006 Source: DBLP CITATIONS READS 5 authors, including: T.s. Jayram Sriram Raghavan IBM IBM ...»
  41. «Vom Fachbereich Material-und Geowissenschaften der Technischen Universität Darmstadt zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doktor der ...»
  42. «Abstract. It is widely agreed that component interactions should be based on the import and export of interface information only, not on knowledge of ...»
  43. «Abstract. Abstract interpretation techniques prove properties of programs by computing abstract fixpoints. All such analyses suffer from the ...»
  44. «Abstract: One of the main challenges to a broader use of association rules data mining systems is their usability. In this paper we propose the End ...»
  45. «Abstrakt Hlavními požadavky kladenými na pohybové osy NC obráběcích strojů jsou vysoká přesnost polohování a vysoká dynamika pohybů. ...»
  46. «Abstract. This paper explores design concepts and principles to engage middle school girls in learning preliminary programming concepts through ...»
  47. «Implementation of computer assisted assessment: lessons from the literature Gavin Sim*, Phil Holifield & Martin Brown University of Central ...»
  48. «For examination in June and November 2016 This syllabus is approved for use in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as a Cambridge International Level ...»
  49. «For examination in June and November 2016 Cambridge Secondary 2 Changes to syllabus for 2016 • Section 7 gives details of changes to the ...»
  50. «ISSN: 0975-766X CODEN: IJPTFI Available through Online Review Article www.ijptonline.com HIGH PERFORMANCE CHELATION ION CHROMATOGRPHY: A NEW ...»
  51. «Transactions of the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Mechanical Series No. 2, 2010, vol. LVI article No. 1795 Silvie PETRÁNKOVÁ ...»
  52. «Includes the extraction, processing, and utilization of lunar, planetary, and asteroid resources; mining and excavation equipment, oxygen and ...»
  53. «THE SIMULTANEOUS EVOLUTION OF GROWTH AND INEQUALITY Mattias Lundberg and Lyn Squire∗ April 2001 Abstract Research on inequality and growth can be ...»
  54. «Effect of Betulinic Acid on Apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans Sarah (Sally) Guthrie Abstract Apoptosis is a mechanism of programmed cell death ...»
  55. «ABSTRACT In this thesis the study of the fragmentation process of certain molecule is presented and it has been used to know the nature of ...»
  56. «A John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., Publication Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science TORMOD NÆS Nofima ...»
  57. «Abstract The main contaminants and pollutants related to the sector are discussed in this chapter. Indeed the characterisation of all the samples ...»
  58. «Abstract Women pursue education and careers in computer science far less frequently than men do. In 1990, only 13 of PhDs in computer science went ...»
  60. «USER REQUIREMENTS FOR MISSION-CRITICAL APPLICATION – THE SECRICOM CASE Shaun O’Neill1, Jim Strother1, Jan Zych2, Wojciech Wojciechowicz2,3 ...»
  61. «Keywords: Bluetooth hacking, mobile phone hacking, wireless hacking ABSTRACT This paper describes a student project examining mechanisms with which ...»
  62. «Steven L. Brown Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements ...»
  63. «YEONJOO OH, MARK D GROSS CoDe Lab, School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University Email addresses: yeonjoo@cmu.edu, mdgross@cmu.edu AND ELLEN ...»
  64. «GENERAL DISCUSSION Inthis thesis, plant development under non-competitive and competitive conditions were studied in creeping bentgrass. Time and ...»
  65. «Department of Computational Science, University of St Andrews, North Haugh, St Andrews, Scotland KY16 9SS Abstract The Persistent Abstract Machine is ...»
  66. «Victor S. DOROSHKEVICH1*, Oksana V. BARANOVA1, Aleksandr N. SHENDRIK1 Aleksandr S. DOROSHKEVICH2,3, Olena S. LYGINA4 and Svitlana B. LYUBCHYK4 STUDY ...»
  67. «by Cheryl R. Shrock Professor Drafting Technology Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, Ca. INDUSTRIAL PRESS New York Copyright 2004 by Cheryl R. ...»
  68. «Chapter XVIII Multivariate methods for index construction Savitri Abeyasekera Statistical Services Centre University of Reading Reading, United ...»
  69. «CMSC 601 Research Skills for Computer Scientists [3] In this course, students will learn basic skills that are essential to becoming a successful ...»
  70. «UNIT 1: A BIT OF EVERYTHING | LESSON 6: ENCODING IMAGES Unit 1: A Bit of Everything | Lesson 6 Encoding Images Lesson time: 180 Minutes (4 days) ...»
  71. «M. S. Chandio, H. Matallah and M. F. Webster∗ Institute of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Department of Computer Science, University of Wales ...»
  72. «Srikant Sekhar Padhee Nonlinear Multi-functional Composites Analysis Contact and Design (NMCAD) Lab. Information Department of Aerospace Engineering ...»
  73. «Improving security when using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) – in a corporate environment MASTERARBEIT zur Erlangung des akademischen ...»
  74. «MASTER’S THESIS Automatic Traffic Counter Prague 2009 Bc. Miroslav Macháček, BEng Declaration I, Miroslav Macháček declare that this thesis is ...»
  75. «PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF RELIABLE FILE TRANSFER OVER MBMS BEARERS by Magda Elisova ABSTRAKT Tato diplomová práce se věnuje problematice ...»
  76. «Ukraine: Emerging Market for Industrial Energy Efficiency Opportunities Sriram Somasundaram, Steve Parker, Meredydd Evans, Daryl Brown Pacific ...»
  77. «ENGLISH COMPANION PDF Download: ENGLISH COMPANION PDF ENGLISH COMPANION PDF - Read story english companion PDF? You will be glad to know that right ...»
  78. «An abstract machine model of dynamic module replacement Chris Walton, Dilsun Kırlı, Stephen Gilmore∗ Laboratory for Foundations of Computer ...»
  79. «Abstract. A certified static analysis is an analysis whose semantic validity has been formally proved correct with a proof assistant. We propose a ...»
  80. «Fritsch 165 Introduction into Digital Aerotriangulation DIETER FRITSCH, Stuttgart ABSTRACT Aerotriangulation has reached a main breakthrough in the ...»
  81. «From School To Work A Review Of Major Research In Australia Properly keeping a payment crisis has the infomercial read currency required to pay your ...»
  82. «abstract) Alain Finkel LSV ENS de Cachan 94235 Cachan, France nkel@lsv.ens-cachan.fr Bernard Willems Pierre Wolper Universite de Liege Institut Monte ...»
  83. «Overview In this document I provide a hands-on introduction to both factor graphs and GTSAM. Factor graphs are graphical models (Koller and Friedman, ...»
  84. «ATMOSPHERIC LEACHING OF EAF DUST WITH SULPHURIC ACID Havlik T.1, Turzakova M.1, Stopic S.2, Friedrich B.2 1Department of Non-ferrous Metals and Waste ...»
  85. «Long He Thesis submitted to the faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the ...»
  86. «1 mit experimentellem Charakter i ii `Take some more tea,' the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. `I've had nothing yet,' Alice replied in an ...»
  87. «Bewertung von Produktivitätsminderungen insbesondere bei multiplen Störungen Steffen Greune SCHLEINITZSTR. 23 A 38106 BRAUNSCHWEIG FON 0531 ...»
  88. «The Coordination between Faculty and Technical Support Staff in Updating Computer Technology Courses – A Case Example Azad Ali and Raj Murthy ...»
  89. «Annual report of SPIE Student Chapter- IIT Madras. Chennai-600036, India. Name and email address of our SPIE Student Chapter officers: S.No ...»
  90. «Computer Game Design Classes: The Students’ and Professionals’ Perspectives Jakub SWACHA1,2 , Adam SKRZYSZEWSKI2 , Wojciech A. SYSŁO1 Technical ...»
  91. «An Approach to Teaching Introductory-Level Computer Programming Michael DOLINSKY Department of Mathematics, Gomel State University “Fr. Skaryna” ...»
  92. «Data mining: a database perspective. M. S. Sousa, M. L. Q. Mattoso & N. F. F. Ebecken COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro P.O. Box 68511, Rio ...»
  93. «Geometric Embeddings of Unit Disk Graphs Sriram V. Pemmaraju Department of Computer Science The University of Iowa sriram@cs.uiowa.edu ...»
  94. «IISc-CSA-TR-2012-2 http://archive.csa.iisc.ernet.in/TR/2012/2/ Computer Science and Automation Indian Institute of Science, India May 2012 ...»
  95. «A report by Mikael Holmquist Mikael.Holmquist@ped.gu.se Department of Education, Göteborg University Sven Andersson svan@tfd.chalmers.se Per-Åke ...»
  96. «Module No. # 21 Lecture No. # 39 Worst Case Execution Time (Refer Slide Time: 00:19) Welcome to the lecture on worst case execution time estimation. ...»
  97. «Education Ph.D., 2005, Geological Sciences, Brown University, Providence, RI Thesis title: “Paleoclimate time series: New alignment and compositing ...»
  98. «Optimum design of integrated feed drive and ball screw nut Ing. Pavel Lysák Vedoucí práce: prof. Ing. Jaromír Houša, DrSc. Abstrakt Na ...»
  100. «1st National Conference on Global Advancements and Futuristic Trends in Management SRIJAN'14 March 27-28, 2014 Under the Aegis of Punjab Technical ...»
  101. «Dagstuhl-Workshop MBEES: Modellbasierte Entwicklung eingebetteter Systeme IV Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems 7. – 9.4.2008 ...»
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