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  1. «August 2012 SPSS: Displaying Data Table of Contents Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Tables Section 3: Exporting Tables in SPSS Section 4: Bar ...»
  2. «Grounding abstract object characteristics in embodied interactions Thomas van Rompaya, Paul Hekkerta,, Daniel Saakesa and Beatriz Russob a Department ...»
  3. «Unterlagen zur Lehrveranstaltung Programmieren in Java R. Thomas (Stand : WS 2010/11) HOCHSCHULE MUENCHEN FAKULTÄT FÜR ELEKTROTECHNIK UND ...»
  4. «Ästhetische Dimensionen technisch produzierter Klanggestalten von Peter Wicke Die populäre Musik ist in ihrer Entwicklung wie keine andere Form der ...»
  5. «Abstract. In this paper we study the design and characterization of prediction markets in the presence of traders with unknown risk-aversion. We ...»
  6. «working with charts, graphs and tables 1 This publication has been written by Kathleen Gilmartin and Karen Rex and produced by the Student Services ...»
  7. «1. Introduction The recent discovery of exotic generalized manifolds in dimensions 5 opened a number of questions about the geometric topology of ...»
  8. «Between automation and exploration: SAS graphing techniques for visualization of survey data Chong Ho Yu, Samuel DiGangi, & Angel Jannasch-Pennell ...»
  9. «Error by design: Methods to predict device usability Article in Design Studies · July 2002 ...»
  10. «SELECTED PUBLICATIONS ON EQrJAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY U.S. General Accounting O f f i c e Off ice of L i b r a r i a n J a n u a r y 1979 This ...»
  11. «Volume oNe Technical Report TNS BMRB Contents 1. Background 2 2. Sample Design 5 3. Questionnaire content and development 12 4. Fieldwork 33 5. Data ...»
  12. «VOLUME ONE ONE Technical Report TNS BMRB Contents 1. Background 2 2. Sample Design 5 3. Questionnaire content and development 12 4. Fieldwork 33 5. ...»
  13. «Document Title: Improving Crime Data Project Author: Robert R. Friedmann, Ph.D., Richard Rosenfeld, Ph.D., Nadia Borissova Document No.: 237988 Date ...»
  14. «Lower-Extremity Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes This publication is distributed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic ...»
  15. « ...»
  16. «A Galicia Posible Where could yourself take current employee if so looking your renovation? Past companies for reach new Indicator at the last way, ...»
  17. «IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR-JCE) e-ISSN: 2278-0661, p- ISSN: 2278-8727Volume 10, Issue 1 (Mar. - Apr. 2013), PP 01-07 ...»
  20. «© 2015 Entersekt Card fraud in the EMV era Payment card fraud has been with us for decades, but since the turn of this century, aided by the ...»
  21. «∗ June 8, 2012 ABSTRACT We study the finite-sample properties of some of the standard techniques used to estimate modern term structure models. ...»
  22. «The University Police Department takes our motto “Serving You” very seriously. We strive to proactively partner with our campus community to ...»
  23. «Bilder des Wissens. Reflexive Visualisierung als Forschungs- und Vermittlungsstrategie durchgeführt am Art&Tek Institute der Universität für ...»
  24. «Peter Gutmann University of Auckland Addendum These slides represent a somewhat conservative view of the security of contactless payment cards that ...»
  25. «Introduction We are living in a time when moving is second nature to us. We move to go to school. We move to find better career opportunities. We ...»
  26. «Title - Exploring the factors influencing the Corporate Social Responsibility ratings of Indian organizations AuthorsProf Som Sekhar Bhattacharyya ...»
  27. «Dr. Thomas Grill, MA Curriculum Vitae Tongasse 2/20, 1030 Wien, Österreich fon: +43 660 6110261, email: gr@grrrr.org, web: http://grrrr.org -1Thomas ...»
  28. «Abstract This paper is based on our study (Darnall & Ytterhus 2005), which evaluates the link between facilities’ environmental and financial ...»
  29. «AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE IMPACT OF MARKET RESEARCH: A CASE STUDY OF STARBUCKS UK An analysis of trends in the market research techniques used by ...»
  30. «Eine Annäherung an das Information Gathering and Organizing System xFIND (Extended Framework for INformation Discovery) Dissertation an der ...»
  31. «EDWARD A. VESSEL, Ph.D. Full Research Scientist Office: (212) 998-8217 Center for Brain Imaging Cell: (917) 445-6649 New York University Email: ...»
  32. «ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PRACTICES AMONG ENTREPRENEURS Suhaimi Mhd Sarif International Islamic University Malaysia Abstract Ethics and social ...»
  33. «Published by Akita International University Press Akita, Japan Editorial Board Editor-in-chief: Mark WILLIAMS, Ph.D. Editor: TOYODA Tetsuya Assistant ...»
  34. «BOOK OF ABSTRACTS 7th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces May 18-21, 2015 | Seattle, Washington WELCOME We are pleased to ...»
  35. «By Catherine L. Horn & Stella M. Flores Foreword by Gary Orfield Copyright © 2003 by President and Fellows of Harvard College All rights reserved. ...»
  36. «To begin tracing a graph, select the rectangle tool (8th icon down in the toolbar) and drag a large rectangle exactly over the graph margin from ...»
  37. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades Doktoringenieur (Dr.-Ing.) vorgelegt der Fakultät für Informatik und Automatisierung der ...»
  38. «Recent improvement of optics, detectors, filters, and lasers has allowed for optical spectroscopy to become a powerful tool in detecting single ...»
  39. «Abstract: The percentage of credit card loans that are charged off by card issuers during a particular month or quarter is an important metric. It ...»
  40. «AC 2010-1264: NATIONAL DISSEMINATION OF LITEE CASE STUDIES: A MODEL Ashley Clayson, Laboratory for Innovative Technology and Engineering Education ...»
  41. «Technical and career education in Australia and the USA: Learning from each other Peter Edwards Shenandoah University Virginia, USA Michael Edwards ...»
  42. « Kommunikation im virtuellen Raum und  Körperlichkeit ­ das Experiment “seidesein“ Autorin: Nadja Kutz, nad@daytar.de   Abstract ...»
  43. «Interactive Charts on the Web: Migrating from the Graphics Cartridge An Oracle Technical White Paper October 2000 INTRODUCTION This paper is intended ...»
  44. «The latest online marketing trends, news, research, tips and more, created exclusively for B-to-B Sales and Marketing Professionals in the Industrial ...»
  45. «Proposal for a USFSP Online Student Support Portal p. 1-8 Appendix I: Technical Details on Login Levels p. 9-10 Appendix II: Overview of Research ...»
  46. «ABSTRACT The study has as its backdrop the challenges of the global labour market for young vocational education graduates where to gain employment ...»
  47. «Dissertation zum Erlangen des akademischen Grades Doktor der technischen Wissenschaften an der Technischen Universität Graz vorgelegt von Dipl. Ing. ...»
  48. «Is There a Post-Industrial Family Form? An Exploration Using Global Data. Gene H. Starbuck Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences Mesa State ...»
  49. «Visualization of off-screen data on tablets using context-providing bar graphs and scatter plots Peter S. Gamesa and Alark Joshi, Ph.D.a a Boise ...»
  50. «Robosemantics: How Stanley the Volkswagen Represents the World Christopher Parisien Æ Paul Thagard Received: 1 June 2007 / Accepted: 21 April 2008 / ...»
  51. «HIS METAPHYSICS emerge from desire: his ethics evolve to a science of sense. What begins there in wisdom ends in anger: what was anger gives way to a ...»
  52. «Tips and Tricks: Using SAS/GRAPH® Effectively A. Darrell Massengill, SAS Institute, Cary, NC ABSTRACT SAS/GRAPH is a powerful data visualization ...»
  53. «The E-tourism And The Virtual Enterprise TRACK: Electronic Commerce Applications Authors Scavarda, Annibal José annibal@rdc.puc-rio.br Lustosa, ...»
  54. «Society And Knowledge About a internet across a download, we have an place and epub Society and Knowledge of then intent. Service in a infrastructure ...»
  55. «Introduction The need to examine alarm handling behaviour stems from difficulties experienced by operators with industrial alarm systems (Pal and ...»
  56. «Notebook Assignments These six assignments are a notebook using techniques from class in the single concrete context of graph theory. This is ...»
  57. «Exploration of Data mining techniques in Fraud Detection: Credit Card Khyati Chaudhary 1, Bhawna Mallick 2, 1,2 Galgotias College of Engg. & ...»
  58. «Walker London Of you are rearranging a foolish success both may look the concern per any way, I decide a twenty-first actual means of you. You ...»
  59. «*1 # Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA hcao11@asu.edu, yan.qi@asu.edu, 3candan@asu.edu * ...»
  60. «Abstract We describe a new ring laser with area A = 833 m2 and update performance statistics for several such machines. Anandan & Chaio 1982 judged ...»
  61. «Abstract. MPEG-4 facial animation parameters are used in order to evaluate theoretical predictions for intermediate expressions of a given emotion ...»
  62. «ve Solutions! vati nno rch.Knowledge.I sea Re Take the steps. Transportation Research Technical Report Documentation Page 1. Report No. 2. 3. ...»
  63. «The critical [201-300] and the clinical [201-300] may be destined to enter into a new relationship of mutual learning. [201-300] In place of a dialectic which all too ...»
  64. «ARTICULOS INDUSTRIAL EVALUATION OF RE-DRY STRATEGY FOR SOFTWOOD LUMBER Diego Elustondo1, Stavros Avramidis2, Luiz Oliveira3 ABSTRACT This paper ...»
  65. «BALLISTICS LISA STEELE INTRODUCTION Ballistics, in the most general sense, is the study of firearms—”guns” in the vernacular. As a term of art, ...»
  66. «Stefanos Sidiropoulos Technical Report No. CSL-TR-98-760 April 1998 This research has been supported by ARPA contract DABT63-94-C-0054. HIGH ...»
  67. «Chih-Kong Ken Yang Technical Report No. CSL-TR-98-775 December 1998 Sponsored by Center for Integrated Systems, Sun Microsystems, and LSI Logic Inc. ...»
  68. «MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF CHEMICALLY - REACTIVE POLLUTANTS IN INDOOR AIR W1lliam W Nazaro!f and Glen R. Cass• Environmental Engineering Science ...»
  69. «Abstract. Proof reuse in formal software verification is crucial in presence of constant evolutionary changes to the verification target. ...»
  70. «AESTHETIC IMPACT FROM WIND PARKS Theocharis Tsoutsos*, Zacharias Gouskos, Stefanos Karterakis and Elpida Peroulaki Technical University of Crete, ...»
  71. «Emissions of nitrogen dioxide from modern diesel vehicles G. A. Bishop & D. H. Stedman Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of ...»
  72. «2 Zusammenfassung Das Teilprojekt untersucht die Rolle der christlichen Kirche des früheren Mittelalters als Governance-Akteur bei der Herstellung ...»
  73. «SAFETY IN SILAGE OPERATIONS Keith K. Bolsen and Ruth E. Bolsen1 ABSTRACT In today’s complex and highly mechanize silage programs, consistently ...»
  74. «Composition of the atmosphere - abstracts of the fifth CAWCR Workshop 15 November - 17 November 2011, Melbourne, Australia CAWCR Technical Report No. ...»
  75. «Maxwell-Stefan Diffusivities and Velocity Cross-Correlations in Dilute Ternary Systems Xin Liu, 1, 2 André Bardow, 1, 2 Thijs, J.H. Vlugt 2 ...»
  77. «Navigating a Virtual Environment using Eye Movements DIPLOMA THESIS Stefanos Apostolopoulos Supervisors : Nikolaos Ouzounoglou, Professor, NTUA ...»
  78. «Stavros Tripakis Ben Lickly Thomas A. Henzinger Edward A. Lee Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California at Berkeley ...»
  79. «Abstract The achievement of the national energy targets in Greece is mainly based on the exploitation of the abundant wind and solar potential. The ...»
  80. «Refinement and Retrenchment for Programming Language Data Types Bernhard Beckert1 and Steffen Schlager2 1 University of Koblenz-Landau Institute ...»
  82. «ALGEBRA OF SYSTEMS OF FORCES APPLIED TO THE FLAT MATERIAL LINE Stefan Piechnik Cracow University of Technology e-mail: sp@limba.wil.pk.edu.pl The ...»
  83. «industriales industriales German Dream Nails | german-dream-nails.com Alles für ein perfektes Nageldesign jetzt online bei GDN bestellen! dict.cc ...»
  84. «Abstract: Intertemporal patterns in alcohol consumption for the United States are analyzed at the national, regional, and state level. We address ...»
  85. «Clustering is a key data mining problem. Density and grid based technique is a popular way to mine clusters in a large multi-dimensional space ...»
  86. «I. It has been long clear among byzantinists that research on doors and windows is particularly important for the study of Byzantine architecture in ...»
  87. «Abstract. Domain-specific languages (DSLs) can simplify the development of complex software systems by providing domain-specific abstractions. ...»
  88. «Development of an advanced medium range ultrasonic technique for mooring chains inspection in water Graham R Edwards*, Stefanos Kokkorikos**, Alvaro ...»
  89. «Abstract Booklet 9 - 12 September 2013 Physik Department, Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany Imprint NINMACH 2013 - Abstract Booklet ...»
  90. «Best Practice Guidelines for Structural Fire Resistance Design of Concrete and Steel Buildings Long T. Phan Therese P. McAllister John L. Gross ...»
  91. «NanoMEGAS SPRL Boulevard Edmond Machtens 79, BE-l 080 Brussels, Belgium Jnstitut Polytechnique de Grenoble, Laboratoire S!MaP, CNRS, UJF P. 0. Box ...»
  92. «Dedicated to Herbert Amann on the occasion of his 70 anniversary Abstract We consider the system of Maxwell-Stefan equations which describe ...»
  93. «Abstract Despite the normative importance of the topic, little systematic research has been done on where and when the United Nations deploys ...»
  94. «Image Indexing and Retrieval using Expressive Fuzzy Description Logics N. Simou · Th. Athanasiadis · G. Stoilos · S. Kollias Received: date / ...»
  95. «Department of Information Technology Technical report 2005-025 Uppsala University September 2005 Box 337, SE-751 05 Uppsala, Sweden ISSN 1404-3203 ...»
  96. «Title: Fourth Annual Research Report Author: WP 16.1 Editor: Ren´ Balzer, Sebastian Clauß, Andreas Pfitzmann e Reviewers: Lexi Pimenidis, Jan ...»
  97. «Abstract Offshore structures are used worldwide for a variety of functions and in a variety of water depths, and environments. Since right selection ...»
  98. «Software complexity has been continuously increasing. Systems expanded vertically, with new platforms and frameworks, and horizontally, with an ...»
  99. «PETE SEEGER, THE 5-STRING BANJO AND AMERICAN CULTURE STAN GOTTSCHALK ABSTRACT: In 1948 when Pete Seeger self-published the mimeographed first edition ...»
  100. «Integration of Semantic, Metadata and Image search engines with a text search engine for patent retrieval Joan Codina1, Emanuele Pianta2, Stefanos ...»
  101. «Abstract. The applicability of model-checking is often restricted by the size of the considered system. To overcome this limitation, a number of ...»
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